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The front desk is arguably the most common type of commercial furniture. The types of reception include hotel reception, restaurant reception, company reception, salon reception, and game hall reception.

And the shape of the front desk includes U-shaped front desk, an L-shaped front desk, a square front desk, and curved front desk, and so on. You can choose according to your needs. Many industries need a beautiful front desk. Because only a good-looking front desk can allow customers to stop and watch. Only in this way will we have more customers and bring more profits to ourselves. In other words, the front desk represents the face of the company and the customer's impression of their company.

I will introduce the white reception desk to you today.

White Reception Desk with Light Strip

At the reception desk, we use the MDF as the main material. And the surface we use baking paint as a surface material.

Why do we choose MDF? Because its final effect is the best. You can see that there are a lot of arc-shaped reception desks, or some pretty-shaped display cabinets. Most of them use MDF as the substrate. Because the kiosk made by MDF is really beautiful. Can attract the attention of many customers.

reception desk

Description of the Reception Desk

The front of the reception desk in good shape to make the reception desk more bright and attractive. And we also add the light strip under the bottom of the reception and inside of the shape. For the shape, we also can customize the relevant shape for you. The length of the reception desk is enough to sit two peoples. So you can serve two customers at the same time.

Production Process

The main material is MDF. So there are 4 steps to produce the reception desk. We need to do the wooden cabinet firstly. The wooden cabinet is essential for our project. Then we need to polish the surface of the wooden cabinet and make the baking paint easy to do. Baking paint includes 2 parts which are 4 primers and white baking paint. Finally, install the light strip with warm colors, sockets, locks, drawers, and cabinet doors.

production photo

If I want to order the reception desk for our company, can you help me?

Sure, we have done more than 15 years and can build the reception desk according to your requirements. You just can tell me all of your needs for the reception desk. We have a professional design team and can design a new one for you. Then you can see the whole effect on the 3d design. If there are any modifications, we will assist you to modify them.

What material will you do?

For this one, we use MDF as the main material, and for the surface, we use baking varnish. The skirting uses plywood and stainless steel. Generally speaking, the reception desk is made of more kinds of materials, such as MDF, plywood, artificial stone, marble, solid wood, etc. The final material selection depends on the final design and one's own budget. If you have enough budget, you have more choices. The price of the reception desk will vary depending on the size, material, and structure.

How do you pack the reception desk?

Firstly, we need to do the wooden boxes which are made into MDF. Then we need to use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the reception desk and pack it with the film finally. And finally, put the interior package into wooden boxes. Seal the wooden boxes with nails.

Do we need to assemble it?

In general, the reception desk is a whole and need not be assembled.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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