reception desk

Hot Selling White Reception Desk with LED Light Strip Front Table for Company

reception desk

Stright Reception Counter with Acrylic Logo for Sale

Straight Shape Reception Desk with Picking Up and Dropping Off for Sale

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There are various styles of reception desks, and different styles of reception desks have different functions.

The one in the front is the shape with the display of the laminate. In this way, some products can also be shown to customers. The front is transparent glass, composed of 3 parts. The back includes the slat wall, you can put some easy-to-handle things here.

The entire reception desk is divided into 4 parts. The drug pick-up area, the registration area, and the drop-off area, and the last one is a door.

The size of the drop-off area is 1100*600*1500mm. His countertop is composed of a small cabinet. There is a sliding door on the back, which is convenient for storing the goods returned by the customer. Inside the cabinet is a slat wall. There is a post on the frosted glass, drop-off.

The size of the registration area is 1015*600*1500mm. There are six compartments in this area. The top two are composed of drawers, and the bottom is a cabinet door. Inside is an installed socket, which makes it easy to use the computer. The structure of the pick-up area is the same as the registration.

The Final is a door with 800*30*870mm.

For the Material and size

The whole material of the reception desk is plywood with white laminate. The size of the whole counter is 4500*600*1000mm. For these, we can customize them for you. If you want the stone style, we also can realize it for you. For the size, the size of the reception desk is 1200*600*1000mm, 1600*600*1000mm, 2000*600*1000mm, 3000*600*1000mm with usually. We can customize the length, width, and height for you.


The time includes the design time(3-5working days), production time( 22-25working days), shipping time( it based on which port is near to you)

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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