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Amazing bubble tea shop counter bubble tea kiosk used in retail bubble tea shop for sale

1.this bubble tea counter is very attractive and nice 

2.we can customize as your needs 


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We all know that in a food store, the counter is the most important. It is the place for cashiers, displaying food, ordering food, and serving customers, and it is also the main work area for staff. So its design must be very novel and fashionable, and the attractive counter can help you attract customers. In the milk tea shop, the design of the milk tea counter is very important.


Today i want to share you a nice bubble tea shop counter we designed for an American customer:


This bubble tea shop counter size is 6m by 3m, it used mainly white matched purple, on the surface of counter added many colorful lighted acrylic bubble dots for decoration,looks very amazing.The most fancy thing is the corner bulb modeling.When enter the shop, you will first eye see the bulb, because this shop mainly sell bulb tea, the theme is light bulb, the bottles used to put the bubble tea are bulbs, so we did one this kind shape to help attract customers.The back side did some walls with light boxes.


Here are some detailed info share with you about the bubble tea shop counter:

  1. size:6m by 3m
  2. Material:MDF with white,blue and purple paint finish,stone countertop
  3. Production time:22-25 work days after drawing and order confirmed
  4. Service we supply:design service,we can help design the bubble tea shop as your needs for you see effect


Do you like this bubble tea shop counter design?

May be you will have below questions about the bubble tea counter: you accept customize? Can i do some changes?

A:yeah sure, we do customize, we can customize the counter as your needs and size. You can tell us you need what color, how big, have what machines, what how to layout, then we can design the bubble tea counter as your needs for you see effect

2.Will you arrange people help us do assemble? Is it complicated?

A:we are in china, so it is hard for us to arrange people to go your country help you assemble.but install is very easy. before load we will finish all assemble,we will install lights,logo,cabinets,electricity,sink etc,just considering shipping we will have to divide the bubble tea counter into several sections, then number them,when you received just put them together and join wires then can use.


If you need more details about the bubble tea shop counter, just feel free let me know.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 6*3m
Materials mdf with baking paint finish
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