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Glass Room Dividers

In order to isolate the seating area from the office area and other work areas in the department area, most companies will use glass divider to separate. Glass room dividers are one of the most common furniture in the workspace. A good office decoration usually uses glass dividers. Because it not only improves the utilization rate of the entire workspace but also beautifies the entire office environment. Ant Display offers a large amount of high-quality tempered glass dividers, partitions and wall panels in economical price. check our page and find your perfect room dividers.

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Choose Best Quality Glass Dividers From Ant Display

Large industrial production has left the society with the same problem of assimilation-the same building, the same room, the same indoor equipment. In order to break the traditional interior decoration, a new design method is to introduce the interior so that the interior can be connected through the glass. Another design method is to break the cement box, slope, slope, curve decoration, break the horizontal and vertical lines to seek changes. Emphasizing only a high degree of modernization, people have improved their quality of life, but feel that they have lost their traditions. Glass room dividers offer a nice and easy way to divide the office room dividers

Green environmental wall dividers

The development trend of interior design is modern and traditional. Judging from the decoration of many buildings, many new designs reflect the designer's commitment to highly modern and highly nationalized design methods. Green environmental protection and zero pollution is a decoration style that contemporary society is more pursuing. Since ancient times, green environmental protection is the most concerned by people, glass divider has such characteristics. The reason is because of the material of glass divider. The main material of glass divider is aluminum alloy and tempered glass and other environmental protection materials.

These materials are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body and are very suitable for use in workplaces such as offices. Efficient collocation, changeable style. There are many glass divider styles and styles suitable for various office styles. Therefore, it is easy to integrate with the office in design and use. The glass of the glass divider can use colored glass, which can make the office full of beauty and color, making the office stylish and modern.

Perfectly Design and easy assemble

Glass divider, also known as a glass wall. The main function is to use glass as the partition wall, so as to divide the space according to the demand. This approach can make better use of space and meet various home and office use. The glass divider usually adopts toughened glass, which has the advantages of resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, and impact. In the decoration of the home, the glass partition construction process is also very important. You can accept the glass project according to the following standards. The following standards are used for flat panel, endothermic reflection, hollow, interlayer, wire, frosted, tempered, embossed, color printing, mirror glass, fireproof glass installation, and hollow glass masonry engineering.

Improve your office space by a glass room dividers

The varieties, grades, specifications, colors, flower shapes, and physical properties of glass and glass bricks must comply with the design and relevant national standards. The office glass partition is partitioned with transparent or frosted glass. The general practice is to wrap the frame up and down, install the glass on the frame, beautiful and clean. Glass is divided into tempered and non-tempered, frosted and not frosted.

Strong and safely glass

The thickness of the glass divider of the general office is 12mm. If you use glass divider in the office, we'd better use a special glass cleaner. And it should be installed after it is dry and confirmed that there are no stains. It is best to use clean construction gloves when installing. The installation of glass room dividers should be fixed with silicone sealant. In the installation of windows, etc., it also needs to be used in conjunction with rubber seals.

Sound Insulation Glass dividers

Has relative confidentiality and sound insulation. The glass divider can use the divider with double glass built-in blinds. Pulling the blinds down, the outdoor can't easily know the state of the room, and it is very confidential. The unique characteristics of glass divider-sound insulation. The independent office with a high glass divider is used, and the sound insulation performance is very good. Working in an office that is both confidential and soundproof, employees will feel secure and highly focused.

Offer free space to workers

More importantly, the office glass room divider is to give employees more free space. Therefore, the indoor space separated by glass divider should be installed according to the size of the entire office. If the indoor space is relatively small, it will give a small sense of depression. However, it seems that it is difficult to achieve the desired goal by cutting off space. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate indoor space and area to install the glass divider according to the size of the company and the type of company.

Custom Frame Glass Room Dividers 

Ant Display will help you customize the glass room dividers. You can tell us which part will you use the glass divider, and what size of the glass divider will you want to use? our design team will make you a 3D Design according to your requirements. then the factory will manufacture your custom glass room dividers exactly following the drawings. Contact our team today and get the best quality room dividers at economical prices.