Room Dividers

Room dividers are widely used in our lives. Room dividers are needed in many places, especially in some offices, restaurants, and homes. The function of the room divider is to separate, beautify, block the wind, and coordinate. Mainly divided into forms such as surrounding screen, seat screen, hanging screen and table room dividers. In the past, the main function of the room divider was to separate the space, but now more attention is paid to the decoration of the room dividers. The room divider is both practical and appreciative. It can block two different spaces, and also has the effect of inseparability. Its own artistic effect is very strong.

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Our room dividers mainly include the following types:

room dividers

  1. Folding room dividers

The folding room divider is made of multiple partitions. They are foldable, when you need them just take them out and open them then can use them. When you do need to use it, you can just fold the panels together. It can help save space, is very convenient and flexible. They have many unparalleled advantages. They can decorate your room or restaurant, make your room looks more comfortable, neat, and functional, also can fold freely. They come with wheels and sliding rails, you can move and fold very easily. Ant display limited can make folding room dividers in different materials. Browse our web you can find folding room dividers in different styles.

  1. Portable room dividers

Portable rooms dividers are becoming more and more popular. They are very suitable for some temporary use in some places, such as hospitals, some public areas, restaurants, etc. If you want to create a room or area temporarily, you can choose portable room dividers. They can be foldable and not heavy, easy to move and transport. They can be divided into several pieces and come with wheels, you can use them to create a room freely. Ant display limited can supply many different kinds of portable room dividers, they are designed for different users. Here you can find portable room dividers which are suitable for hospitals, schools, restaurants, and home use.

  1. Office room dividers

Dividers are widely used in offices. Office room dividers can help make full use of office space, they can help create different areas and small rooms for different use. They create a comfortable environment. Office room dividers mainly include frames, panels, wheels, and assemble hardware. The frames as usually made of aluminum alloy. The surface does powder coat finish, can do different colors. The panel's material can be cloth, wood laminate, aluminum composite, steel, and glass. Ant display limited can supply office room dividers in different materials, colors and size. And we accept customize, can customize the dividers as your needs.

  1. Wooden room dividers

Room dividers are widely used in home decoration and restaurants. Among the different room dividers, wooden room divider plays a very important role. Wooden room dividers surfaces can do different colors, also have natural wood look for your choice. They can be used to divide the dining area with the living room, can also use to divide a big area to create many small rooms for restaurants. They are put in some obvious positions, Play a good decorative role. They can match your home, office, or restaurant's whole color theme. Its main function is to divide two rooms, use wooden room dividers can help you manage your space, make full use of all space. Ant display can supply different kinds of wooden room dividers, partition walls. They can customize in different colors and sizes as your needs.

  1. Glass room dividers

The glass room divider is the most common furniture for office and home. Glass room dividers used strong tempered glass, which is very durable, water-proof, heat-proof, and environmental-proof. Ant display limited can supply colorful glass dividers and transparent glass dividers, you can choose according to your usage. Glass room divider can help make full use of your office space, and makes your office makes more beautiful and bigger. When you choose glass room dividers, you need to choose to follow your office style.

  1. Stainless steel room dividers

Stainless steel rooms dividers have some incomparable advantages over other materials. A variety of electroplating colors can be made through the electroplating process. The surface can be glossy and brush effect. Stainless steel dividers are very strong and hard, so they are water-proof, corrosion and high-temperature resistance can use many years. They can use both indoor and outdoor.


Ant display limited is an expert in making different kinds of room dividers. We can supply hanging room dividers, foldable room dividers, portable room dividers, office room dividers, and fixed room dividers. No matter you want to find wooden room dividers, glass room dividers, metal room dividers, or cloth room dividers, you all can find the suitable one on our web. We already have 12 years' experience, have our own workshop, can supply you with high-quality work at a factory price. Just feel free to contact us if you have any needs.