Wood Table Legs

Are you looking for strong and beautiful table legs for your dining table? The table legs are widely used in restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, outdoor and so on. Because the table legs have to bear the weight of the tabletop and the human body, it must be very strong and durable. Ant display limited can provide a variety of table legs, whether you are looking for metal table legs, wooden table legs or plastic table legs, you can find many corresponding styles on our website. Our wooden table legs use high-quality solid wood as raw materials, and the surface will be varnished. Modify the surface to make the color you want.





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How to choose the suitable wooden table legs?

  1. Choose your favorite style

The wooden table legs styles need match your table and your restaurant style. The most popular style is vintage style, modern style and Europen style. You need to choose the suitable style. Our wooden table legs in different shapes, such as round legs, square legs or irregular style. They are in different colors and size for your choice.

  1. Choose the suitable height

You need to follow your usage to choose the size of table legs. The heights of bar counter legs, kitchen area table legs as usually from 36-42inch. The height of dining tables which used in normal restaurants as usually from 28-29 inch. The height of Coffee table legs as usually from 16-18inch. You need choose the suitable height as your needs.

  1. Determine your leg thickness

When you choose legs thickness, you need take table’s thickness and size into consideration. If your table is big and thck, then choose thick legs better.it is just a small table, you can choose thin wood table legs.

  1. Choose wood species and texture

Different wood species, their grains are also different, so the look also different.

Wooden table legs have many advantages over other materials. It is very durable, strong, and most importantly, it is very beautiful, stylish, very retro, and will never be out of date. So wooden table legs are very popular. Wooden furniture can create a very natural and comfortable style. So what are the advantages of wooden table legs?

  1. Very durable and strong

Solid wood is a very strong and durable material with very good load-bearing capacity and is very suitable for making table legs.

  1. Very beautiful

The legs of the wooden table have natural lines, which can give people a very natural and high-end feeling. Wooden table legs can match your table to give a very comfortable feeling.


Ant display limited was established in 2008, specializing in the production of various customized display kiosks and display cabinets, restaurant tables and chairs, office furniture, etc., involving a wide range of industries. The main wood selections are: beech, pine, lotus, rubber, ash, walnut, Wood materials such as eucalyptus and fir. Mainly produce all kinds of wooden table legs, table tops, sofas, conference tables, etc. According to the different requirements of customers, we can make customized drawings and samples. In the field of furniture accessories, its integrity, strength, quality and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.