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Table Legs

Table legs which are also known as table bases are wood stand metal rods that used to support tabletops. or Whether you are choosing furniture for your home or working on a restaurant project, determining the right style and height for the table legs is not a simple matter. Like most furniture around a house or work, if you choose the wrong table leg. The final product may not look right. Whether the table looks good or not and its quality often depends on its legs. How much weight the table can carry, how people will use it, and whether the table will achieve the elegant look everyone likes. Ant display is a company that supports customized furniture. This way we can easily find a design that suits our personality and style. For example, we can buy a table for our house by selecting the table base and table legs separately. There are a variety of legs to choose from, and choosing the right table leg can be a challenge. Ant Display is a professional table leg manufacturer, we offer a large number of table legs, desk legs, and furniture legs in various style and dimensions. Check our site and find your best furniture legs.

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Most Popular and Useful Table Legs at Wholesale price

Almost 99% of tables or desks are supported with freestanding legs, some of them are made from solid wood, cast iron while others are made from stainless steel or plastic. Table legs style comes in various styles too, we have industrial hairpin legs, folding legs, modern metal legs, classic wood legs available in the best price.iron table legs

Hairpin Table Legs

If you are looking for an attractive design table legs, hairpin style definitely your first choice. We have lots of Raw Steel & Powder Coated Hairpin Legs for Tables, Desks & Shelves, whether you are chasing The classic mid-century modern style or classic industrial essence, our hand formed and welded hairpin legs will give you the widest choice.  We have single hairpin legs, 2-rod hairpin legs, 3-rod hairpin legs, and more. Check our site and find your best deal.

Metal Table Legs

Metal table legs are the most popular and economical table legs for sale. And it’s widely used in almost every business environment. Whether you are opening a fast food court in the mall or starting to coffee bar, you will need to offer customers a comfortable dining space. Cast Iron table legs, stainless steel table legs are just perfect used for restaurant and food bar. Our large scale of metal table legs in various styles and dimensions can satisfy any of your customized ideas.

Wood Table Legs

When you looking for legs for interior furniture, wood table legs will be the priority choice, most of the sofa, the coffee table is equipped with solid wood table legs.  And because it is used to support table tops, so hardwood will be the best option. We have oak wood table legs, beech wood legs, and cherry wood available.

Folding Table Legs

Different table legs are used in different places. When the space is not big enough or you are just looking for temporary display stations. Folding table legs are adapt perfectly to these situations.  With folding table legs, you can easily fold up the table and packed in a small package. It will never too up too much space which is perfect for exhibition, a trade show to any portable usages.

How to choose the right table legs

As, there are various styles, materials, and shapes of table legs, how to choose the right table leg for your business? here, following the simple steps outlined below, you will find it easy to choose the right table leg:

Choose your favorite style

Being able to determine which table leg style best suits your needs is very satisfying. The most popular styles in the furniture design industry today are the modern style, the rustic style, and the square style in the middle of the century. However, if you are looking for a timeless design, please consider the classic design, styles such as straight grooves or spiral grooves can increase attractiveness and refinement.

Choose table leg height

Choosing the height of the table legs is perhaps the easiest thing. The choice of table leg height will largely depend on the type of table you want. For example, the foot of a coffee table is usually 16 to 18 inches. Desk or dining table legs are usually 28 to 29 inches. The legs of the end brackets are usually 24 to 26 inches high, while the legs of the bathroom, kitchen, and bar counter are between 36 and 46 inches.

Consider the thickness of the table legs

Another important consideration when choosing table legs is the visual weight of the furniture. Some heavy furniture will require heavy-duty table legs. The tabletop thickness of the priority table should be taken into account. Thick table tops match thick legs. However, it may be that thick legs look better with thin legs. It all comes from what is visually the most appealing and what is most in harmony with existing furniture. You also need to consider the size of your desktop. That is, the thicker 8-foot legs are the most beautiful and the thinner 6-foot legs work well.

Which wood is best for the table legs?

Wood is the most preferred material for manufacturing furniture frames (including table legs). This is mainly because wood is easily shaped according to its design. In fact, you can choose from a variety of table leg designs. These designs are made from different types of wood. But which kind of wood is best for your table legs?

Lacewood coffee table leg

The wooden choice of the table legs depends largely on your table. For example, the Australian lacewood is very suitable for coffee table legs, but it is soft and cannot support the billiard table. If you want the toughness and durability of furniture legs, you should choose mahogany or red oak.

maple wood table leg

Generally, maple wood is most suitable for table legs. This is mainly due to its availability and affordability. It is also durable and versatile. However, if you want to use a very heavy table, make sure to use wood that can bear the weight. In this case, walnuts may be the ideal choice. It is considered to be one of the most valuable hardwoods in furniture.

cast iron table leg

In addition to wood, the legs of the table are also made of iron and stainless steel. They can be used in many shapes. The colors are generally black, gold, silver, or white. Very beautiful and durable, we can choose the right table leg shape and color according to our desktop.

Get Top-quality Table Legs from Ant Display Today!

We support all customized products, we have our own factory and design team, if you want to make a design for your table, you can contact us, we will make a design for the table and legs according to your requirements so that we can Confirm his size, color, material and shape, and specific price.

Table legs are a good way to improve the appearance of a family or restaurant table. Therefore, they need to be beautifully designed in order to provide the best results for home or store decoration. The design of the table legs will vary according to the type of table, such as coffee tables, dining tables, corner tables, etc. I hope that after reading our website, you will have some new ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.