Hairpin Table Legs

Are you looking for Hairpin table legs? Hairpin table legs are a great choice to enhance your desktop style and express your style. They can be made into a variety of shapes and shapes, suitable for a variety of styles and scenes. With the development of society, the Hairpin table leg is used more and more widely, such as student desks, dining tables, bar tables, decorative tables, and so on. You can place the hairpin table legs in the office pantry, reception room, milk tea shop, study, etc. They can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You can customize hairpin table legs in Ant display.

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The hairpin table legs of the Ant display are made of cold-rolled steel. Table legs made of cold-rolled steel are cleaner, smoother, and shiny. We will also add mild steel to the hairpin leg because it can make the hairpin table leg stronger. Welding resistance avoids the risk of weld fracture in high-carbon steel. They are simple to install, almost under any flat wooden surface. The table can be reinforced by adding a cleat system.

hairpin table legThe Hairpin table legs produced by our company are convenient, compact, durable, safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly. We will choose high-quality craftsmanship to manufacture the table legs, which can bear about 100-200 kg.

Height of Hairpin table leg

Height is the key to selecting a hairpin table leg. He decides the height and style of your table. For benches or coffee tables, you can use 40cm high hairpin table legs. The height for the dining table and desk is 700cm high. You can also customize the height according to your needs

Hairpin table leg type

  1. The two-pole hairpin table leg can be used on small dining tables, desks, and display tables, and you can choose an L-shaped corner plate to connect to the tabletop. Their appearance is beautiful and more decorative
  2. The three-bar hairpin table leg requires a larger table or a thick top. Adding triangular gussets and tabletops can increase stability and make it safer to use.

You can choose the right hairpin table leg according to your own ideas and needs. You can tell us any ideas you have. Ant display has excellent designers and engineers who can help you realize them.

The craftsmanship of the hairpin table legs

hairpin table legAnt display's hairpin table legs are made of steel, and the surface is treated with powder coating, which prevents the steel products from rusting and staining the clothes and the floor. This can also extend the use time of the hairpin table legs. We can also take luxury electroplating surface treatment, they are more corrosion resistant than powder coating and look more beautiful and high-end. We will choose the right treatment process according to your needs

Why choose Ant Display

No matter where you use it, the hairpin legs are fast, easy, and fun! You can make elegant, delicate, and practical furniture tables with hairpin legs. Ant display’s Hairpin table legs support customization, you can tell us your ideas or design your own table with us. More importantly, they are easy to install and fit almost any desktop. Because you only need to fix them with screws. Hairpin table legs have a strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful and durable. Ant Display has is a manufacturer, we have a modern workshop to build the hairpin table legs. Our factory has a sales team that provides warm pre-sale and after-sale services and a professional design team to come up with new styles to meet clients' demands. Whenever you need hairpin table legs, just contact us here!