Folding Table Legs

Now folding table legs are more and more popular. In many restaurants, offices, and physical stores, you will find that many tables are foldable, and they use folding table legs. When you are not using the table, you can fold up the legs of the table. They can be stored quickly and easily, can help you save space, and help you easily adjust the number and layout of the seating area. It is very suitable for some restaurants and hotels. This folding table leg can be made of very light materials, such as plastic, aluminum, and is very convenient to move and replace. Some outdoor tables generally use folding table legs. If the indoor space is not enough, you can place some tables and chairs outdoors to expand the seating space. At night or when it rains, you can fold up the legs of the table and put it away without taking up space.


Ant display limited was established in Shenzhen, China in 2008, mainly engaged in a variety of customized furniture, stainless steel chassis, table legs (cast iron table legs, stainless steel table legs, aluminum alloy table legs, etc.), bar chair bases, dining table chairs, fashion bars Hardware furniture products such as chairs. We rely on professional production technology and a complete and scientific quality management system to enable the company to continuously gain the trust of our customers since its establishment. For this reason, we will repay customers with excellent quality and professional services, and the company will be unremitting. Strive to pursue higher-quality products and services, and create a unique brand and corporate image.

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Types of our folding table legs

  1. Metal folding table legs

We can supply many different kinds of metal folding table legs. Such as aluminum table legs, steel table legs, iron table legs and stainless steel table legs. They will come with durable hardware. They are very durable, can use very long time. The surface of the metal folding table legs will be powder coated to protect your table legs. The aluminum folding legs are very durable, light, and will not rust, which is a good choice. Our metal folding table legs are available in different shapes, styles and colors to suit your different needs.

  1. Wooden folding table legs

If you want match your table style, if your table also used wood color, then choose wooden table legs will match. Our wooden folding table legs are made of solid wood, they are very durable and strong.

  1. Plastic folding table legs

Platic is very light, so plastic folding table legs are very easy to move, they are very flexiable. Plastic is very durable, and it is water-proof, very suitable for outdoor use.

Maintenance tips for metal folding table legs:

  1. Avoid hitting the furniture with hard or sharp objects
  2. Don't drag and pull when moving, lift and release gently, and place all four feet on the ground at the same time, and lay flat and steady. If the ground is uneven, the legs should be leveled.
  3. When cleaning the electroplated surface and the painted surface, please wipe it with a clean soft dry cloth, not a wet cloth, especially the chrome-plated surface is often wiped with a soft dry cloth to keep the electroplated surface bright as new!
  4. In case of stubborn stains on the painted surface, remember not to wipe it with alcohol, glass cleaner and other liquids with solvents. You can use a little detergent for tableware to control it, and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  5. After the chrome-plated surface is worn out, small black spots may appear, but don't worry, you can wipe it with soft steel wire polishing cotton to restore the brightness. Of course, you can often use a dry yarn ball to soak a little sewing machine oil to wipe it. It can keep the electroplated metal furniture bright and durable.


  1. How to assemble the folding table legs, it is complicated?

A: Assemble is very easy. We will send you table legs with all hardware and necessary tools. Inside will has a assemble guideline, after you received just use tool and hardware to fix table legs under table will be ok.

  1. Do you supply adjustable folding table legs?

A: yeah we supply folding table legs adjustable in height. If you need that style, can find many options on our web.

  1. How will you pack the folding table legs?

A: we will pack them by durable paper boxes. If needed we can also make wooden boxes to pack them.