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Reception Sofa

The reception sofa is also called the office reception sofa or meeting room sofa, it is a kind of office furniture specially used to receive customers and offices. In addition to the functions of office and reception, the office reception sofa also plays a role in decorating the office environment. Its appearance is diverse and the fabric is divided into leather, cloth, PU, and other materials. When purchasing an office reception sofa, its style and color must be unified with the main color of the office environment, so that it looks more beautiful. As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, we design and fabricate modern style reception sofa in various colors and materials. Most important in economical price. check our page and find your perfect leather sofa. 

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  1. Fabric S Shape Waiting Area Reception Sofa Hotel Lobby Combination Sofa
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Advantages of Reception Meeting Room Sofa - Ant Display

The office sofa is the most basic facility in the reception area. We must first allow our customers to sit comfortably in order to cooperate with them happily. The office sofas in the reception area are carefully placed, and they are usually arranged in rows so that several guests can be received at the same time. Several office sofas must be placed in a curved arc rather than in a straight line so that the layout is conducive to beauty and the company's financial resources.reception sofa

Ergonomics Sofa Design

Our office reception sofa is specially designed according to ergonomics, beautiful and comfortable, smooth and delicate exudes the charm of the atmosphere free and easy, stable, and dynamic, thus creating an elegant working environment. The stainless steel metal feet not only give you a fresh and bright visual enjoyment but also have a large carrying capacity that is safe, secure, and durable. High-quality west leather, strong abrasion resistance, good gloss on the leather surface, strong breathability, soft and full of toughness, with the effect of winter warmth and summer coolness, comfortable hand feel, and good texture.

Top-Quality Surface Leather

The front surface of our reception sofa is made of cowhide leather, filled with high-elastic styling sponge, with a serpentine spring and a variety of flexible materials. The sitting feel is very soft, making work a pleasure. The cushion is filled with high resilience sponge, which is comfortable to sit, full of elasticity and strong breathability. It is more intimate, practical, and user-friendly with high shock absorption spring. It is made of high-density board, which is hard and stable and has strong durability. The surface uses environmentally friendly paint, without irritating odor, and the appearance is more beautiful and atmospheric.

Strong frame structure 

The solid wood frame leather sofa is combined with a solid wood office coffee table, while the sofa legs are made of stainless steel, which adds a stylish atmosphere to the stable atmosphere, and is best used to receive guests. Large and thick seat bag, built-in high-density sponge, strong resilience and comfort, relieve fatigue. The sides of the sofa are full and thick, with solid wood trim, which not only highlights the overall beauty of the sofa but also makes the sofa more atmospheric and stable.

Order a Comfortable Reception Sofa Today!

The mainframe of the sofa is made of high-quality thick wooden bars and some metal parts, and the metal frame is formed by connecting each other with a seat, an armrest, and a backrest. The wood used is steam-dried and insecticidal treated with high-temperature water, and polished on all sides to ensure that the sofa frame is dry and free from insects, mold, deformation, and high-grade wood. It is composed of solid wood square and plywood, and the key part adopts the tenon structure. The wooden structure is solid and powerful. The sofa cushions are filled with high-density sponge, thick and full, with good resilience, and you won't feel tired after sitting for the longest time.

Make Your Office Level-UP

According to traditional feng shui theory, the two-wing office sofa is like a two-armed left and right support, and the middle office sofa is recessed backward to form a gas-holding position that can gather wind and gather energy. If the office sofa is arranged in a straight line, the shape is like a broken wall, it is neither aesthetic nor lifeless, and people will not feel warm and comfortable sitting there. If the space is limited, the two-wing office sofa cannot be placed in the shape of left and the right support, consider setting up an office sofa at the water level, which can also play a role in hiding the wind. If you place an evergreen next to the office sofa Potted plants, the effect will be better.

Decoration Office Reception Room

No one likes to sit on an uncomfortable reception room sofa. Modern reception furniture needs to maximize space, beautiful and super durable. Our modern office sofa is beautiful and wear-resistant. We offer customized sizes and brand color matching-so your new seat will blend seamlessly with your space.

Custom Office Reception Sofa For Sale

 Ant Display's reception sofa can provide you with a variety of affordable and stylish salon reception sofa to keep your receptionist and customers comfortable. We offer a variety of salon reception seating options, including sofas and chairs, which can be provided in a variety of colors to suit the atmosphere of your area. In addition to our selected products, we also offer the best prices. Check out our selection of reception sofa now!