Onyx Reception Desk

backlit onyx reception deskOnyx Reception Desk

Furnish your meeting room with the most eye-catching onyx reception desk! The first impression always transmits the most critical impact on visitors, backlit translucent stone reception counter just the right desk to creating a fantastic, exciting welcome atmosphere. With precisely mitred edges, beautiful stone patterns and even illumination, onyx reception desk presents a unique charming picture and function a practical working bench. Those translucent reception desks perfect suits hotel reception, hospitality, art gallery, hospital, bar counters and fashion retail stores. Onyx reception desk not only offers a remarkable reception reservation. But it also delivers a tremendous aesthetic beauty to customers. Use the illuminated onyx and stratum image glass to show an incredible backlit marble effect with great stone patterns. 

Onyx reception table allows a warm light creating a serene atmosphere and a perfect accent for hotels and offices. Ant Display custom design and build a backlit reception desk with translucent stone, glass and onyx sheets. We have A wide variety of onyx reception desk options available to you, whether you need a snow pattern or need rock crack style. The most attractive LED reception counter featuring backlit onyx offers you the most comprehensive choices. Contact our team and build your fabulous LED reception counter!

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