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The meeting pays more attention to seriousness and discipline, so the atmosphere of the conference room should be at the same time not only comfortable but also have a certain sense of dignity. Conference tables are necessary office supplies. The most suitable material for the conference table should be solid wood, plywood or MDF, The cost of each material different make the final table price various. The solid wood conference table or wooden texture style meeting table is the most suitable for conference use. The color and material selection of the conference table is mainly to create a solemn and lively conference atmosphere. Ant Display supply a large variety of modern design conference table, conference counter and meeting table at wholesale price. Check our page and find your favorite meeting furniture. 

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Due to the different using places, The conference table is divided into ordinary small meeting table and large conference table.  Either style has a beautiful outlook, as well as functional and comfortable seating. conference table

Modern Design Conference Table For Sale

The conference table comes in various styles and shapes. First of all, In order to apply to different office furniture, the size and appearance of the conference table need to be determined by the specific shape and size of the conference. If you want to create a harmonious and equal communication environment, the conference table should be round or oval, which is more conducive to the meeting. At the same time, in such a harmonious environment, it can make people think more relaxed and speak freely, which can very well help in thinking about innovation and the play of team spirit.

If it is a formal meeting, you need to use a rectangular conference table. People from different positions and positions sit in different positions. The atmosphere of this meeting is difficult to be active, but it is more serious and formal. However, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of right-angle conference tables as much as possible, to avoid possible rushes, and to avoid accidental injuries to the body.

Three Aspects of Buying a conference table


The orientation of the conference table is based on the company's size, image, and qualifications. If the company is a large company and has good qualifications, then the company's conference table is positioned as a high-end conference table. If the company is very small and has not yet had a certain scale and qualifications at the beginning of its development, then it is appropriate to choose low-end and mid-range conference tables. If it is a studio, then downgrade according to the situation.


The size of the conference table is determined according to the size of the conference room. For example, if the conference room has a large area, you can choose to order a larger conference table, which not only uses the space but also highlights the atmosphere of the conference room. If the meeting room is small, you can choose a smaller conference table. Of course, it is necessary to make reasonable use of the space of the conference room, try to place the conference table in the middle of the conference room, and look more logical and atmospheric.


After positioning the conference table, you can choose the material of the conference table. Conventional table materials are conventional: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, MDF conference table, steel conference table. According to the surface material, it can be divided into a paint conference table, board conference table, and steel conference table.

In general, the conference table materials are divided into plate and solid wood conference tables

  1. The board conference table refers to a disassembly and assembly conference table that uses the man-made boards as the main base material and board as the basic structure. Common artificial boards include plywood, blockboard, particleboard, and MDF.
  2. Plywood (plywood) is often used to make solid and simple structure conference table;
  3. The particleboard (also called particleboard and bagasse board) is of loose material and is only used for low-end conference tables.
  4. The most cost-effective and most commonly used is medium density fiberboard (MDF). The MDF is easy to shape the different style conference table. If you want to get a curve conference table, the MDF is a good choice. The surface you can choose the color you like best. Then we can use the baking paint on the surface.
  5. The solid wood conference table refers to a pure solid wood conference table, that is, a conference table made of all materials that are natural materials that have not been reprocessed and do not use any artificial board. Pure solid wood conference tables have high requirements on craftsmanship and materials. The selection of solid wood, drying, finger jointing, and jointing is very strict. If any process is not strictly controlled, small cracks, loose joints, and other phenomena will occur, and the entire set of conference tables will be deformed and cannot be used. So we need to pay attention to any details. There is no denying that the final effect is very good

Custom Offer Conference Table For Sale

The high-end conference tables are generally solid wood conference tables and painted conference tables. The middle-end conference tables are generally MDF, artificial board conference tables, and panel conference tables. The low-end conference tables are steel conference tables. You can choose according to your budget and needs. If you need any special size or material meeting table or office conference table, welcome to send us your requirements. As the leading commercial furniture manufacturer, we can bespoke any conference table in unique style and dimensions. Contact our team to learn more.