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When it comes to office furniture, the most indispensable is the conference table. Many companies have meetings every week, and we need our employees to gather together. Of course, having a conference table will look more formal. The size of the conference table is also large or small. We can choose the appropriate conference table size according to the number of employees in our office. Our most common conference tabletop is generally made of the wood grain. Their surface treatment is a veneer. We all know that there are many types and colors of the wood grain. We can choose our favorite style to make.

The conference table I want to introduce today can accommodate about 12 people. There are ten people on the two sides, two people in the front and back. You can put some plants in the middle as decoration. Our countertops are very smooth, easy to clean, and very strong. The service life is very long.

Conference table details

Size: 3500x1400x750mm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Veneer, baking varnish

Color: Walnut color

Production time: About 15 working days

Place of dispatch: Shenzhen, China

Detailed description

This style of the conference table is very common. It has a large capacity, a beautiful version, and is durable. If there are about 10 people in our office, then we can choose the table shown above. There is a storage cabinet under the countertop, we can put some of our office materials or other things. On the countertop, we designed a reversible cable box with sockets, network cables, telephone cables, and video cables. If we want to connect our computer or our charger, we can turn up this hidden cable box and use it. The edge of the table is covered with white acrylic. Compared with the metal edge, acrylic will fit our table more closely. The tabletop with the natural walnut grain is fireproof, moisture-proof, scratch-proof, and has good abrasion resistance. We all have thicker legs and strong bearing capacity, which can make the conference table stronger.

conference table


Because our table is relatively large, we divide it into two parts when making it. It is also divided into two boxes when packing. This will be smaller in size and convenient for our transportation. Our packing box is a wooden box, and we will put some foam boards on the inside of the wooden box so that our table is safer to put inside. 


We can ship the goods to the nearest port or your specific address. When the goods arrive at the port, people at the port will call you in advance to pick up the goods. We will send you the documents needed for customs clearance and delivery. The shipping time depends on your country, generally 25-35 days. 

Ant Display

We are a custom-made company, and we are specialized in custom furniture. We can provide any furniture you need. If you need to buy a batch of office furniture for your new office, I think we can make a design for the entire office first. We can design all the furniture you need in your office so that we can confirm more details. You can also buy furniture in a uniform style. We have our own factory, which can produce according to the furniture in the design drawings. If you just want a conference table, you can also choose the style you like on our website. Any need to customize, please contact us.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, Veneer
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