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Locker is a cabinet for storing objects. Lockers are a large category, such as in libraries, stadium locker rooms, department store cloakrooms, schools, offices, airport terminal buildings, train stations, docks, etc. Lockers are generally divided into household lockers and business lockers, etc., which are mainly used to facilitate people's use, store different items and are divided into categories. Moreover, it is an essential item for families or dorms with a small space. It can make full use of the space to accommodate more living items, and can also well decorate people's home environment. Lockers are widely used for storage management of various types of small parts, samples, molds, tools, electronic components, documents, design drawings, bills, catalogs, tables, etc. in offices, government agencies, factories, and other types. It is a personal butler of personal belongings. Ant Display Offer a large variety of modern design wood lockers, wooden storage cabinets, and solid wood lockers at economical prices. Check our page and find your favorite lockers.
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With the change of trend, wooden lockers have become one of the most popular and frequently selected furniture. Because wooden lockers use natural and simple materials, and often give people a fresh, clean and comfortable feeling. What's more, Solid wood and panel wood can create a unique wooden texture that metal lockers or plastic lockers can never achieve.

wood lockers

Why choose wooden lockers?

  1. Natural health and environmental protection

Health and environmental protection is an important indicator for people to choose the wood locker. Environmental protection, health, and naturalness, wooden lockers reveal the beauty of originality and nature. The color analysis of wooden lockers lies in its natural logs. Wood-colored locker is natural and free of chemical pollution. This is a healthy and fashionable choice, which meets the needs of modern urban people who advocate nature.

  1. Solid and durable

Wooden lockers are durable and solid, usually, the service life of plate furniture is 3 or 4 years, and the service life of solid wood locker is at least 6 times more than that of plate furniture.

  1. Comfortable and warm

The pure wood material will bring a natural atmosphere to your space and keep your home or your shop away from the cold steel and modern materials. At the same time, it can bring a warm "woodiness" to the home environment, so it is very popular with high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect the natural, natural texture, changeable form, the furniture surface can generally see the beautiful patterns of wood. The wood locker has its own unique style and personality.

  1. Wood has space humidity control performance

When the relative humidity of the indoor environment changes, wooden furniture or interior decoration materials can absorb or release moisture from the environment accordingly, thereby mitigating the change in humidity. Wood has excellent moisture absorption and desorption characteristics, so it has obvious humidity adjustment function.

  1. Wood has good acoustic properties

Wooden locker and interior decoration materials can make the sound softer during the transmission process, the sound is clear during the conversation, and has a good sound insulation effect.

  1. Wood has good tactile properties

Wood and wood-based panels feel mild, with moderate hardness and smoothness, which can give people a suitable stimulus, cause a good feeling, and then adjust people's mental health.

Compared with metal lockers, wooden lockers are cheaper, so more people will choose wooden lockers. The lockers and employee lockers we often see in the gym are mostly wooden.

How do we order wooden lockers?

Ant display is a custom company. We are a professional wooden furniture manufacturer, we have our own factory. If you want to order a wooden locker, you can tell me its main purpose, home or business, and what size you need. We all know that lockers are composed of many small cabinets, and we can decide the size of the entire locker according to the size of your space. If it is for commercial use, then the quantity we need is relatively large, probably hundreds of small cabinets, if it is domestic, then dozens of small cabinets will do.

Generally, a large locker will be divided into several small cabinets. Because of the transportation problem, the size of the locker should not be too large, so a tall wooden locker generally has 6-8 small cabinets. We can order in bulk and put it together after receiving the goods. The price depends on the final style and quantity. Some lockers use smart locks, which are more expensive. There are many types of locks, one is to enter a password, and the other is to unlock by induction. If you have requirements for the lock, you can tell us, we can install the lock according to your requirements.

If you have more special requirements, we can make a design according to your requirements. Such as THE locker’s shape or color, we can do 3D design for you to confirm. After confirming the design drawing, we can give you a quotation and prepare for production. Our payment term is 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. When the goods are completed, we will send you a video of the goods. After confirming that there is no problem, we can arrange the shipment. We are an export company, and our goods can be shipped to any country, so please feel free to find us to place an order.