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Metal Lockers

Metal lockers are currently the most popular lockers. Because they are durable, efficient, and economical. Metal lockers are very safe, and there are very few cases of theft. And the utilization rate of metal lockers is very high, suitable for almost all settings. Metal lockers can be used in schools, dressing rooms, offices, warehouses, and gyms. Metal lockers come in many colors and styles for you to choose from. Regarding metal lockers, we provide sports and wall lockers, as well as cabinets to meet all your needs! These options and features help to form hard and safe lockers. No matter what you need to store, we have perfect metal lockers for you to choose, browse our page and buy your favorite metal lockers cabinet at an affordable cost.

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To give you a better understanding of the strength and durability of our lockers. I summarized the more important information. It mainly introduces the materials, lock options, and characteristics of lockers in detail. The metal locker cabinet is quite different from wood lockers or plastic lockers. it can not have so many features on the surface finish. Here we have the most popular metal storage cabinet lockers.metal lockers

Classic metal lockers

Most of our customers are looking for our most popular metal lockers. Ant Display offers many options. Available in multiple configurations, you can choose any size you may need or want from multiple options. We provide a variety of lockers, you can also customize according to your own needs. These are some of the most cost-effective new lockers you can find anywhere. If your office needs a locker, you can order a metal locker for 16 people or hanging on the wall. These also apply to lounges and back rooms. Due to the rugged steel structure design, they can last for several years. You can choose single, double, and triple story metal lockers. If there are more people, there is more demand. We can choose up to 6 compartment lockers.

Heavy metal locker

In some places, we need heavier materials to protect important documents, materials, property, and equipment that is important for price comparison. At this time, it is very beneficial to choose heavy metal lockers to store things. Lockers like this are very suitable for use in construction and industrial applications. The metal locker can withstand a weight of 1,450 pounds. We all know that standard shelves can hold 200 pounds each. In fact, so many things require a forklift to move the entire heavy metal locker well. So any heavy tools, products, and electronic products that need to be locked can be safely stored in metal lockers. You can safely store your important assets in heavy metal lockers. In this case, your assets can be protected.

Anti-rust and anti-bacterial lockers

Choose a rust-proof locker to protect your items from corrosion, bacteria, mold, yeast, and mold. It can protect your data for about 20 years. Anti-rust and anti-bacterial lockers make your equipment look unworn. Especially in humid environments, metal lockers play a huge role. The surface of the metal locker has an anti-rust coating. Anti-rust coating can help prevent additional defense against water and moisture. Everyone has their own needs. If you need to resist bacteria, or do not want to deal with the rust or stains produced over time. If you want such an effect, you need our metal lockers. Metal lockers can help keep your office or indoor facilities look clean and tidy.

More outstanding features: We can put metal lockers in a humid place for 20 years. We coated a layer of chromium and iron oxide on the surface of the metal locker. The overall score is 304, which indicates that it has an increased nickel (8-10%), providing additional rust resistance.

Sports metal lockers cabinet

Some gymnasiums will provide sports metal lockers and ventilated lockers for athletes. These lockers are designed to make uniforms, clothes, and equipment dry faster. And reduce the bacteria caused by the smell, this is because the design of these lockers increases ventilation and air circulation. When we need to have ventilation and visibility, we also need to have security. At this time, we can use specially made metal lockers. We also provide storage cabinets for sports tools. Sports tools such as hockey, basketball, volleyball, golf, baseball, and softball also need to be stored in metal lockers. These different configurations are more suitable for the equipment on the sports ground.

The design of these multi-functional metal cabinets can perfectly accommodate all sports equipment. When you are exercising, you don’t have to worry about the equipment destroying these situations. You can safely use these devices and enjoy the exercise process. If you are a skier, skateboarder, or a cyclist. We suggest that you can try our skis, skateboards, or bicycle lockers! Sports metal lockers can better keep the safety and performance of your expensive equipment.

Metal lockers are generally placed in restaurants, entertainment centers, and medical offices.

Custom Metal Lockers For Sale

Due to its non-corrosive manufacturing process, they have a smooth appearance. And its production materials are the same as dental tools and surgical instruments. The structure and durability of this metal locker make it excellent in marine applications. In a protected indoor setting we will design according to your needs. The steel used in metal lockers can be technically polished with a little bit of long-lasting, thus maintaining the luster of the metal. Ant Display supports the customized service. If you need the metal lockers, please contact us freely. We can customize the metal lockers based on your requirements.