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Hot sale skin care kiosk cosmetic display counter in the mall

Orange Mall Makeup Kiosk Small Functional Cosmetic Kiosk Retail Counter

Orange Mall Makeup Kiosk Small Functional Cosmetic Kiosk Retail Counter

Functional Cosmetic Kiosk & Unique Display Counter in Mall

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There are generally two forms of selling cosmetics. One is in the shop, and the other is to open a cosmetic kiosk in the mall. I will introduce the cosmetic kiosk to you today.

Description of the Cosmetic Kiosk

The kiosk includes the top, display counter, pillar displays, floors, logo, and so on. The top of the kiosk has 6 sets of logos which is an acrylic lighted logo. For the top, it also has the spotlight and can make the kiosk more bright. The pillar display has the lightbox, display stand, logo.

Display stand

In the display stand, we put these on the floor. Arrange the display stands in order.

Display counter: You can see each display stand will have a mirror with led light. When people want to want to try the cosmetic, and it will be more easily. The bottom of the display stand has a lightbox and can advertise your product.

Display Cabinet: The top of the display cabinet is to display the cosmetic, the bottom of the display cabinet has some drawers to store the goods.

Glass showcase: the glass showcase has three layers to display the product. The inside of the display stand has a light strip to make the glass showcase more bright, to enhance the effect of displaying the product.

In order to provide a better sense of use, chairs will be necessary for the display stands. Then the customer can sit down to make up.


The basic material of the cosmetic kiosk is MDF, and the surface we will use the baking paint. For the logo, we will use the acrylic logo. If you want to make the 3d stainless steel logo, we also can do it.


Production Process

The production process includes the wooden cabinet, polish, 4 times primers, 2 baking paint, install the accessories like the logo, cabinet door, drawers, light strip.



We use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display counter. Fixed it with film. Then we can put the interior package into a wooden box. Seal the wooden box with nails.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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