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2m by 2m creative frozen yogurt booth fresh yogurt bar design used in UK mall

frozen yogurt kiosk

Mall Frozen yogurt kiosk with glass display

Custom Yogurt Kiosk & Food Display Counter with Modern Design in Retail Store

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Frozen yogurt becoming very famous all over the world. It is very delicious and yummy. Do you want to open a frozen yogurt kiosk in the shopping mall center? If you don’t know how to start your business please follow with us. You can tell us, we can help you customize the yogurt kiosk for you according to your requirements.

There are Some Detailed

  • Product name: Frozen Yogurt Kiosk
  • Size: 3x4m
  • Basic material: plywood.
  • Surface finishing: black color laminate, yellow color laminate.
  • Countertop: white color man-made stone.
  • Logo: Acrylic hollow-out lighted logo.
  • Glass: 8mm tempered glass.

Other we include all the wires and sockets, the same lock with key, stainless steel toe tick, lighted box, 2-compartment sink, and so on.


How to start to customize the frozen yogurt kiosk design?

  • First, please advise us of the size of your location. We can customize a new kiosk with your location size, logo and so on.
  • Second, we will charge 300$ for the design deposit, but in fact, this design is for free. Because when you order the kiosk, we will return to you.
  • Third, our designer team will send the first draft design to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.
  • Finally, we will change the design until you say good. And we will make the detailed construction drawings for your final check.
  • Our payment term is 50% deposit before the production and 50% balance before shipping.

More Information You Want to Learn

production time and shipping time:

Many customers will ask about production time and shipping time before they order. So that they can have a rough idea about how long the whole project takes. Here I want to answer in detail. 

Firstly, the design time will take about 3-5 working days. The production time will take about 22-25working days. The shipping time based on your country. If you located in Miami, it will take about 35 days. In different countries, the shipping time is also different.

If you are urgent, you can choose air transportation. It will be quicker than the sea shipping.

The package of the yogurt kiosk

The kiosk big and heavy, so as usual we will load it to you by sea. Sea shipping as we know needs a long time, so the package is very important. A good package can help protect your products and more safe. Firstly we will clean all the surfaces of the yogurt kiosk, then we will use pearl cotton to protect all corners and frames, hardware, then use film to cover all surfaces. Second, we will use Foam cotton to protect all sides, then put the cabinet into an 18mm MDF wood box. You can see our package is very good, so no need to worry about the package.

How to install it when I receive the kiosk?

We will install the yogurt kiosk before shipment. But in order to facilitate transportation, we will divide the yogurt kiosk into several parts. When you receive the kiosk, put them together, and connect the wire together. Then the yogurt kiosk can work successfully.

For the logo, lightbox, light strip, and some other accessories, we will install it. I also can take some videos and photos for you.

Ant Display

Our company has one batch experienced, a specialized designer team, and the formidable specialized construction troop. We have a professional design, manufacturing, and installation workgroups, according to customers' specific requirements provide a deal service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the design of the men's clothing shop. Welcome to inquiry, thanks for your reading. 

More Information
Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood + laminate
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