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Custom Yogurt Kiosk & Food Display Counter with Modern Design in Retail Store

2m by 2m creative frozen yogurt booth fresh yogurt bar design used in UK mall

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As early as the 1980s, developed countries such as Europe and the United States began to popularize drinking yogurt. After years of development, yogurt has become a daily necessities for many foreigners, and it is also one of the six internationally recognized healthy drinks. We all know that yogurt is very beneficial to human health, it can enhance the body's immunity, promote digestion and on street and shopping mall you will easy find some frozen yogurt booth.

Here today i want to share you a small frozen yogurt booth:


This frozen yogurt booth size is 2m by 2m,you can see it is small but very functional,it has a wall in middle divide the kiosk into two sections,the front area comes with counter for display and sale,back area is used to put machines,like a kitchen.It used nice white and green color,has a big frame on top with logo.

Here i have a very attractive frozen yogurt kiosk share you:


Here area some detailed info for this frozen yogurt booth

  • Size:2m by 2m
  • Material:MDF with white and green paint finish,stone countertop
  • Surface:white and green paint finish
  • Color:green,white
  • Style:functional and attractive
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Others:logos,menus,led lights
  • Production time:22 work days

How To custom a  frozen yogurt booth from Ant Display.

  1. Negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  2. Pay 300USD design fee which is refundable if you build the kiosk in our factory.Provide different views of 3D design and free kiosk revise service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  3. Make detailed construction drawing which includes all the materials, dimensions as well as electrical plans
  4. Get the drawing approved from mall , assist the necessary change to apply for the drawing approval.
  5. Pay a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the kiosk.
  6. When kiosk finished before shipping you arrange the rest


if you like this frozen yogurt booth and want to know more details,just feel free to inquiry us!

More Information
Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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