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Custom Yogurt Kiosk & Food Display Counter with Modern Design in Retail Store

Indoor Ice Cream Kiosk With Top Design

Indoor Ice Cream Kiosk With Top Design

Mall Frozen yogurt kiosk with glass display

Color: Purple and green

Style: simple ,sweet

Main material:  MDF with plywood

LOGO: luminous LOGO

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Yogurt kiosk is our main product. We have cooperation with many chains, such as Yogurt. We have done many yogurt kiosks for it and received a good response. In this post, I would like you to introduce these kiosks to you. I hope it can attract more attention and bring more business chances.


We all know that the fresh color can make people feel more comfortable and relaxed. That is why we use purple and green as the main colors, which greatly blends in the theme of the yogurt kiosk. When we go through this kiosk, the first thing we can see is a tall board, and we can install a TV player in that. Under that, there is a small cashier counter. Let's see the front side. A big glass display allows you to show your product. It is equipped with a door, so you can keep your food clean. There is also a shelf on its leaf side. For this kiosk, it includes the other two work counters.

yogurt kiosk


Though the theme is sweet and dreamlike, its whole style is simple. It is beneficial for people who have just started their business and have little budget. If you have enough money, you are able to tell us to post more beautiful wall stickers on the exterior of the cabinet.

Other shape

As you can see from the pictures, our designer drew the same theme as yogurt kiosk. They are largely identical but with minor differences. They have the same match colors and decoration, but the construction is different.

yogurt kiosk

yogurt kiosk

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with plywood
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