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Custom Shopping Mall Scarf Kiosk Design With Large Capacity

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This is a scarf kiosk used in the shopping mall, from the design we can see it is double sides display. It has 3 sides display, and on one side is the entrance. We can see its shape and effect very clearly. The scarf has many patterns and colors, it is like clothes, we need to prepare many stocks. Some people will like the same scarf, so we need to prepare more scarf to meet all their requirements. In addition to the display area, we also need to make some storage cabinets.

scarf kiosk

Scarf Kiosk Details

Size: 4x4m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

CoLOR: white, purple

Logo: Acrylic

Floor: Plywood, PVC

Others: Mirror, LED light, etc

mall clothing kioskWhen people buy a scarf, they will wear it and see the effect, if not suitable, they will change to another one, so a mirror is very important. We can set up mirrors in each display area.

custom scarf stand

Inside is also a display area, if people can’t see their favorite scarf they like, then they can go inside, it is like shopping. And inside layout is the same as the outside.

scarfs booth

Under the display area is storage cabinets. We can put some inventory on it. If you want to show your brand, we can also put our logo in empty space.

mall clothes kiosks

There is a tall tower and a small cash counter at the entrance. This is the standard of the mall kiosk. A tall tower can put our logo or some lightbox, so people from distance can see our brand.

retail mall clothing stand

In addition to the display area, we can also put some flat scarves or some cloth. If people want to make the scarf themselves, then they can just buy the cloth they like.

clothing stand

If you can get a shopping mall space and want to open a scarf kiosk, you can send us your location size. We are a mall kiosks manufacturer. We can design and custom the kiosk according to your size and your brand. If you also sell another thing, we can design some suitable cabinet for them. So you can get a professional kiosk here.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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