Fiberglass Cars Props

fiberglass car propsFiberglass cars props

Fiberglass car props sculpture props can be used for real estate decoration, especially suitable for theme shopping and leisure commercial streets, subway leisure shopping centers, large shopping malls and theme exhibition centers, and other places. You can even use them as ornaments to decorate shops, offices, and living rooms. Fiberglass carts props can show different artistic styles, showing natural decorative effects and artistic connotations. The large-scale mechanical model of the outdoor plaza gives people a refreshing feeling, which is conducive to promoting the spirit and culture of the city. Outdoor shops can also incorporate Fiberglass cars props elements, which are more eye-catching.

Ant display strictly controls the quality of products to ensure product quality and has formed a modern industrial production scale ranging from R&D, testing to mass production. Our company has a complete process of material pasting, cutting, surface treatment, spray painting, etc., The production of 2 tons of products can be completed every day. Our company's production technology has passed the environmental assessment, safety assessment, and job assessment acceptance. The products required by customers can be completed with quality and quantity. No matter what size, shape, and color you need fiberglass cars props, you can get it in Ant Display. View more products here.

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The Fiberglass cars props model can also be made into an outdoor kiosk according to the shape of the bus. The surface of the car model is sprayed with automobile special paint with high gloss, good persistent adhesion, high hardness, strong scratch resistance, and strong resistance to abrasion and abrasion. At the same time, it must have excellent acid and alkali resistance to ensure that the glass fiber reinforced plastic bus shell remains bright as new for a long time. Customer brand image promotion information, not only beautiful but also novel and creative design attracts more customers to come for the shopping experience, brand impression penetrates the millions of people in the subway station every day, to achieve low-cost and high-return corporate brand image promotion marketing purpose.

fiberglass car propsFiberglass cars props craft

Compared with the wet process, the FRP fiber winding semi-dry method is to add a set of drying equipment on the way from the fiber dipping to the winding to the core mold to drive out the solvent in the yarn tape glue. Compared with the dry method, the semi-dry method does not rely on a complete set of complex prepreg process equipment. Although the glue content of the product is as difficult to accurately control as the wet method in the process, and there is an additional set of intermediate drying equipment than the wet method, the labor intensity of the workers is greater, but the defects such as bubbles and pores in the product are greatly reduced. The production of fiberglass cars props using FRP materials has the characteristics of easy shape, fast mold opening speed, strong overall processability, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and good insulation performance. The FRP products produced by Ant Display have a smooth appearance, smooth lines, beautiful appearance, attention to detail, and structural coordination, and the surface spraying adopts advanced automobile coating equipment and technology.

3 winding forms of FRP statues

Fiberglass car props mainly use three winding forms: hoop winding, flat winding, and spiral winding. The hoop-wound increased material is continuously wound on the mandrel at an angle close to 90 degrees with the axis of the mandrel, and the plane-wound increased material is continuously wound on the mandrel in a direction that is tangent to the pole holes at both ends of the mandrel and in the plane. Above, the spirally wound increased material is also tangent to the two ends of the mandrel but is continuously wound on the mandrel in a spiral state.

fiberglass car propsFiberglass cars props support large-volume orders, and the quantity is preferential. The specific price depends on the order quantity. For details, please consult the business person in charge. We will also customize fiberglass cars props according to your ideas, you can get perfect fiberglass from us Ant Display

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