Fiberglass Decoration

Do you look for fiberglass decorations for the events? The fiberglass decoration produced by Ant Display can be used to create birthday surprise scenes, company opening celebrations, music bars, and scenic spot decorations. Fiberglass decoration has a unique shape that can heighten the atmosphere and create a unique atmosphere. They can also be used in garden decoration. The fiberglass decoration lotus leaf combination structure landscape will revolve around agricultural production. Based on expressing the natural ecological beauty, it draws on the core technology of aesthetics and horticulture. For tourists to conduct sightseeing, sightseeing, leisure, leisure, vacation, and other activities, forming a distinctive "sightseeing agricultural tourism park".

As a factory specializing in the production of Fiberglass decoration statues, Ant Display has always been an independent factory and has professional masters, excellent design teams, and excellent sales teams. Customer satisfaction is our driving force. You can tell us what you think, we can customize fiberglass decoration sculptures. Our products are widely used in new coastal leisure bases, urban planning, parks, schools, etc. You can also find fiberglass lounge chairs, fiberglass Balloons, fiberglass Ice Cream Cone, fiberglass Candy Cane, fiberglass Cars Props, fiberglass craft accessories, fiberglass booths, etc. on our website.

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The panoramic fiberglass decoration bracket is very attractive on the outdoor door decoration. The handicrafts of various shapes made by fiberglass material are all festive decorative lighting ornaments because the glass fiber reinforced plastic has artistic beauty. Ancient and modern art at home and abroad is a unique culture that can give people humanistic connotations and artistic influence. Especially with the development of modern society, the artistry of decoration is particularly important, and fiberglass decoration can perfectly realize it.

fiberglass decorationPopular styles of fiberglass decoration

Fiberglass balloon

The colorful fiberglass balloons are sculptures of large hot air balloons floating in the square. Fiberglass balloons are usually used when opening, and they can create a joyful atmosphere. The atrium of the shopping mall can also be decorated with fiberglass balloons to express festive celebration decoration. The props colored balloons can also be used to attract the attention of customers and bring more traffic to the store. Advertising planning activities will also add balloon decorations to the design drawings. It is also a good idea to use fiberglass balloons to add artistic sculptures to the landscaping.

Fiberglass ice cream cone

Fiberglass ice cream cone is also widely used in ice cream shops, ice cream factories, and outdoor activities. We can also make them into unique shapes and colors to create different display effects. There are also different types of ice cream. It is a good idea to choose the right fiberglass ice cream cone according to your business, which can also promote your product and brand well. Fiberglass ice cream cone is a composite material with synthetic resin as the matrix material. It can be made into a variety of hard products with a fixed shape, which can withstand tensile stress as well as bending, compression, and shear stress. Because its strength is equivalent to steel but also contains glass components, it also has the same color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation, and other properties of glass. It can be used outdoors for a long time.

fiberglass decorationFiberglass candy cane

The candy cane is a kind of confectionery that is loved by the majority of people. At first, it was a hard candy inserted on a small stick. Later, many more delicious and fun varieties were developed. Not only children love sticks. Sugar, some innocent adults will also eat it. The types of lollipops include jelly candy, hard candy, milk candy, chocolate, and milk plus fruit type. The Fiberglass candy can sculpture has a bright color, which seems to be just the right way to arouse people's desire to buy. Fiberglass candy can is widely used in candy shops, Christmas events, and celebrations, and can create a unique artistic effect for the shop. We can even make them into the shape of a candy tree, which also gives the shop a unique artistic appeal and vitality.

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