Fiberglass Cartoon Statues

In recent years, various animation cartoon images have emerged in endlessly and are deeply loved by people. Fiberglass cartoon statues show these cartoon characters and images through physical sculptures. Fiberglass cartoon statues are based on cartoon character sculptures. They are sculpted with fiberglass material in reality, allowing the fiberglass cartoon character statues to stand out from the screen and let people watch them more closely. They are very lifelike, image, and very durable. Therefore, fiberglass cartoon statues are becoming more and more popular among people. In some shopping malls or playgrounds, fiberglass cartoon statues are often designed to decorate and enhance the atmosphere or show themes. Due to the light weight and high strength of fiberglass, it can produce works with strong dynamic feeling and small supporting area. Fiberglass is easy to form beautiful streamlined products, highlighting the sense of the times of the work, and arc streamlined can be used in the design.

About Ant display limited

Ant display limited was established in 2005 and is one of the early and influential suppliers sepcialize in making fiberglass products.As a leading enterprise in the fiberglass industry in Shenzhen, our company specializes in the production and sales of medium and high-end fiberglass products. The products sell well both at home and abroad, and have greater advantages and a good reputation in the same industry. The company's main products: Fiberglass crafts, outdoor leisure chairs, Fiberglass dining tables and chairs, fiberglass statues, fiberglass garden landscapes. As long as you have requirements, whether in structure or appearance, we will be able to produce products that you are satisfied with. The products we produce are meticulously crafted, novel in style, natural and lifelike, in various colors and beautiful in appearance.

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Fiberglass cartoon statues have what kind of advantages?

fiberglass cartoon statues

(1)Environmental protection: fiberglass material is non-toxic, non-volatile, and very environmentally friendly.

(2) Fire protection: We will use Class A fiberglass, naturally non-combustible, with world-recognized safety and non-toxicity. So it is very popular in various shopping malls and public areas.

(3) Water resistance: The fiberglass cartoon statues have good water resistance. So it is very suitable for outdoor use. Even in very bad weather, it can still be used for a long time.

(4) Good air permeability and mildew resistance: The fiberglass cartoon statues that can breathe freely has unprecedented air permeability;

(5) Anti-cracking, unparalleled strength: anti-impact, anti-cracking, very sturdy and durable

(6) Anti-corrosion: The anti-corrosion high-quality fiberglass is used, which can be used for many years in harsh environments.

(7) Three-dimensional patterns, a wide variety: with rich patterns, providing diversified choices, endless color changes, it can fully meet the needs of different customers for styles and colors.

(8) Fiberglass is very easy to process and shape, and the process is simple. The production process of the fiberglass cartoon statues is very simple and easy to process, and a variety of products can be produced in a very short time, which greatly saves costs.

(9) Safe and non-toxic: All decorative materials are produced in accordance with the highest safety standards of the European Union. The most fundamental thing is to be absolutely non-toxic and tasteless. This is the purpose of Ant display limited.

(10) Easy maintenance: The renewal of fiberglass does not require reprocessing of the wall, just on the original basis, according to personal preferences, re-spray the Haiji paint to change the color, as bright as new.


Why choose Ant display to make fiberglass cartoon statues for you?

Ant display limited is a comprehensive enterprise integrating fiberglass cartoon statues production, installation and sales.

  1. We are the source manufacturer of fiberglass cartoon statues

The main products are all kinds of fiberglass tables and chairs, benches, fiberglass animal statues and cartoon statues, fiberglass landscapes, fiberglass furniture, etc. We are a direct production factory and can provide you with very favorable factory prices.

  1. We can undertake all kinds of architectural decoration projects

We can provide design and custom processing services. If you have a design, you can send us directly. We make to order according to your design. If not, you can tell us your requirements. Our design team will help you design.

  1. We have mature fiberglass cartoon status production technology. We have specialized in producing all kinds of fiberglass products for 15 years. From making molds to making products, grinding, painting, assembling, checking, and finally shipping.
  2. We have a strict quality inspection team to help you control the quality

We have a dedicated quality inspection team, we will carefully check every step of the production, and will take pictures for you to confirm. We will strictly follow the production drawings for construction.

  1. Carefully selected materials to ensure product quality. Our materials are carefully selected from raw material suppliers.


If you also need fiberglass products and want to know more details, just feel free to contact us.