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Wood Snack Kiosk Food Kiosk Cafe Bar Counter with Attractive 3d Design

Colorful Hot Dog Kiosk Retail Mall Snack Stall

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Hot dog is one kind delicious food and its cost is very low. Hot dog kiosk in mall does not need to rent expensive stores. It is less investment risk, low entry threshold, short investment recovery cycle, more suitable for first-time entrepreneurs. Let me share you one very colorful hot dog kiosk. You can know about its features.

Hot dog kiosk description

The hot dog kiosk is 10*8ft. We can help you customize it according to your renting sizes in mall. And the kiosk color elements are very bright and fresh to catch the eyes of people. They are yellow, black and beige. Look at the counter, you can draw any contents, information, patterns on it with different color chalks. It is one DIY area which is so interesting. The information you show can be expressed to the people. And you can put cashier counter at front counter areas. The back area can be for placing the refrigerator on floor and other equipment on yellow counter. There is one board as the food kiosk wall. We can also put the hot dog foods posters on the wall to attract people.

hot dog kiosk

The wall another part are black too. This one part not only has the drawings but also has the shelves for you to display. And one black cabinet is against the wall for you to hold something such as ingredients. The black frame is fixed on the wall top and on counter. This makes the hot dog snack kiosk be with more features and more attractive. The round yellow sign is at the top. The top is a good place for people to notice it very easily.

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We can see the wall two thirds are wooden surface and first thirds are black board for you to increase the patters and some slogans. The relevant signs can play role on enhancing people’s impression.

snack kiosk

3D design

Normally the 3D design is the first step for the project. It is because you need the mall approval and the design can fit your machines and brand concepts. A good design can help create image to attract people. Design costs 300USD for one kiosk. The design time is about 2-4 working days, which is very fast.

If you want to get the food kiosk, please contact us in time. We can help you make 3D design and production.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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