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Phone Display Cabinet Cell Phone Shop Showcase Counter Retail Mobile Phone Furniture for Sale


Phone Display Counter Glass Showcase & Corner Display Stand in Retail Store

Cell Phone Display Showcase Retail Glass Counter in the Phone Store for sale

Modern white phone display counter with light

Customized size, color, and style

Good quality and easy installation


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Here is a nice white phone display counter sharing with you. This phone display counter mainly uses to showcase smartphones, phone cases, and accessories, etc. If you are going to open a mobile phone store, please don’t miss this style.

phone display counter

Mobile phone display counter introduction

This mobile phone display counter front is a white base for support. The glass counter on the top has a lock sliding door for place products. Behind it is lock cabinets as storage. We can add a light lamp inside the glass cabinet. The flooring light also plays a good role to make the phone counter looks better.


This phone display counter is 120cm by 50cm and the height usually be 110cm. It can be customized according to shop size.


The main color is shiny white color, which reflects the goods well and matches the different decorations of the smartphone shop. If you like other colors such as blue, black, we can also change to the required color

phone display counter


It is made up of MDF, which is a fireproof and strong material. We mainly use it to build display showcases. The finish material is high glossy baking paint, looks very smooth, and has a great effect. Glass showcase is 8mm tempered glass. We can also use 10mm, 12mm, and even ultra-white glass to make it.

phone display showcase

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, hardware, etc.
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