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Cell phone shop furniture 8mm tempered glass display case

Phone Display Counter Glass Showcase & Corner Display Stand in Retail Store

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With the development of society, there are more and more mobile phone shops. At the same time, the demand for mobile display showcases has gradually increased. What I want to introduce to you today is a glass showcase.

Phone Display Showcase

The display showcase has 4 layers to display the phone or phone accessories. There are 3 glass shelves and customers can put the phone to display the product. If you want to make the display stand more bright, we also can add the light strip to make it more bright.

Corner Display Stand

We all know that the corner display stand is very normal in one shop. Because it can make the display area larger. We put the corner between the display showcase, it will make the whole effect more bright.



The main material of the display showcase and corner showcase is MDF, and on the surface, we will use the baking paint. Of course, if you want to make plywood as the main material, we also can do it. For the glass, we use the 8mm tempered glass.

Production Process

We need to make the wooden cabinet firstly, during the step, we need to cut the wooden board firstly, and assemble it into a wooden cabinet. Then we need to polish the surface to make it smooth. The third step is to do the primers and baking paint. The final step is to install the glass.


The whole package includes 2 steps. One is to make the outer package, we will make it according to the counter size. Another is to make the interior package, we use the film to pack the edge and corner of the display counter. Then put the interior package into the wooden cabinet.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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