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White Color Mobile Phone Counter with Hinged door Cell Phone Glass Cabinet | Display Stand

mobile phone counter

Cell Phone Display Showcase Retail Glass Counter in the Phone Store for sale

Phone Display Cabinet Cell Phone Shop Showcase Counter Retail Mobile Phone Furniture for Sale

Customized phone display cabinet design

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The mobile phone display cabinet is very important for mobile phone shop furniture. It mainly uses to showcase mobile phones in a good way and also protect the phones from stolen. When you are going to open a retail cell phone shop, please pay more attention to the phone display counter and make it match the store theme.

phone display counter

Cell phone counter information


From the picture, we can see the phone display counter looks very luxurious. It has a glass display cabinet on the top and the bottom is a ladder cabinet design. The glass cabinet has a light strip for brightness. It can show the products in a good way. The middle has a stainless steel decoration, we can attach a phone brand logo here.

Behind the phone, display counter is a locked cabinet and open drawers. Phones are brought out from this side and can clients cannot reach the phones themselves. Which can better protect the items.


As we can see inside the glass counter are acrylic phone stands. It can showcase the mobile phone cabinet. And can also add a label near the phones with information and prices. So that people can check and purchase their ideal phones directly.

phone counter

Size information

It is 120cm long, 60cm wide and 110cm high. We can also custom made the size match to the shop

Material show:

Materials include MDF, high glossy baking paint, tempered glass, light lamp, stainless steel, locks, etc.

phone display counter

How to use it?

The mobile phone counter is made as a whole and delivered directly. So that the owner can use it directly when place in the correct location and connect the wires.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, etc.
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