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Candy Store Cylindrical Display Stands With 3 Round Shelves Display Furniture For Sale

Gondola Candy Box Display Stand | Free Standing retail candy furniture in candy shop

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The candy shop is one of our very common shops. In your impression, what is the candy store like? The candy shops I have seen are very attractive. They have many colors and some interesting decorations and displays. We all know that the main customers of candy shops are children and they all like colorful and interesting things. If we want to attract their attention, we must first start with furniture and decoration.

Small candy display stand for sale

Size: 1000x800x1200mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Blue, white, and magenta (can be customized)

Production time: About 10 working days

Box: Acrylic box

Light: Blue led light strip

This cabinet can be placed in any corner. For some small display cabinets in bulk, we usually put them in the middle. The layers on its left and right sides can be used to place acrylic candy boxes, as well as some boxed or canned snacks. 


When you place an order, we will prepare the construction drawings. All our drawings have detailed dimensions and materials, and the drawings will also be sent to your confirmation. We will start it after we confirm the drawings. Our basic material is medium-density fiberboard. After preparing the required size, we will start to make the wooden cabinet. When finish the wooden body, we will polish and make the baking paint. Baking paint is a surface process, and many candy furniture uses this process for surface treatment. We can choose the color we like. After the color is sprayed, it needs to be baked at a high temperature, and then left to stand for a while.

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Candy Shop Display Furniture

For the candy store, it is mainly the interior display furniture. We all know that furniture is generally made of wood. Wooden things are generally customizable, such as color, size, and shape. On our website, you can see the candy display furniture, they are all very popular. Many customers choose to buy furniture from us. Some have their own ideas will tell us, we will customize some new ones. So if you feel that our furniture does not fully meet your requirements, you can contact us. We have our own professional designers who will help us make the furniture design we want. After confirming the design, we can start production.

Candy Shop Design

We support the design of the candy store. We can design the interior furniture according to the floor plan of your store and the furniture you like. When the design is completed, you can see the effect of the entire store, which can help us confirm many details. In addition to furniture, we can also design your logo at the entrance of the store and some ceiling lights. Our design fee depends on the design content and the area of the store. If you want to know the price of designing a shop, you can contact us and tell us your shop floor plan or shop size. We will give you an accurate price. Our design includes 3D design and construction drawings.

candy shop design


When the cabinet is finished, we will arrange transportation. We ship the goods by sea. The shipping fee is based on your country and the weight and volume of the goods. The shipping time is about 25-35 days. When the goods arrive at the port, they will inform you in advance. You need to pick up the goods within the specified time. We will send you the commercial invoice and bill of the load to help you clearance customs and pick up the goods. All imported goods need to pay the duty, and our transportation does not include duty. The amount of duty based on your customs and the amount of goods.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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