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Wooden Wine Rack | Shoe Stand | Retail Display Furniture

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We all know that many display cabinets are universal. The same product can show different things. Such as shoes, red wine, medicine, and fruits. These are very common things in daily life. Cabinets of different colors and materials can display different things. For example, for fruits, shelves, or cabinets for displaying fruits generally choose wooden surfaces or solid wood, which will be safer. 

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Display shoes or bag cabinets generally use white, because white can make our products more obvious. In addition, if you have other favorite colors, you can tell us. Because the color of the furniture can be customized.

Display Cabinet Structure

The structure of this display cabinet is composed of a metal frame and a display tray. The frame can be white or black. The color of the display plate can be wood or solid. They have different styles and sizes, and we can buy them according to our requirements. These display cabinets can all be used in combination.

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Basic material: MDF/Plywood, Metal

Surface finish: Baking paint/Laminate

About Us

We are a custom furniture company, All the furniture is produced in our factory. Our workers have very rich working experience. We will also strictly monitor to ensure that the goods made are of high quality. When finish the goods, we will pack and ship them to your country. These cabinets are independent and do not need to be installed again after you receive the goods. It is very convenient.

Freight: It based on the volume of the goods and your country.


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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate,metal
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