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Useful Jewelry Display Stand & Retail Counter with Double Side Slat Display Showcase for Sale

  1. Simple design and multifunctional display
  2. Wood Display Showcase with slat wall stand
  3. Customize color and size according to customers idea
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Do you want to showcase earrings and necklaces in a good way? A display stand helps a lot to showcase items in a good way. As it is easy to carry and can sort out products well. Here is a nice jewelry display cabinet sharing with you.

wood display stand

Wood display showcase introduction

Color: White, black, and wood

Material: Slat wall, natural wood surface, Plywood, metal frame, and stainless steel handle.


This display cabinet has a slat wall display on the top, mainly used to hang earrings and other products. While the middle is an 8 grid display cabinet to represent more products for selection. Under it is a locked cabinet, we can restore things here. This wood display cabinet has a metal leg base like desks. We can change this area to cabinets to increase storage space.

Two styles fit for different occasions

Single side display cabinet

The single-side display cabinet has only one side display. It is good to put it close to the wall. Size is 82cm long, 30.5cm Width and 152cm Height. We can customize the size according to the wall size.

Double side display cabinet

The single side showcase can hold on products on both sides. It is good to place in the center area. So people can purchase easily. We can even put up a brand logo on the top to leave a deep impression on people. This size is 81cm long, 60cm Width, and 152cm Height, wider than the single display style.

Produce steps


More information you want to know

  1. It is a customized display stand, handmade by workers.
  2. Customers can get good service, high-quality products from Ant Display
  3. Production time is 15-18 working days. Please confirm manufacture time with us if you need more
  4. You can receive updated photos of all steps to control the production process.
  5. The display cabinet is finished in the workshop and delivered as a whole, so customers can use it directly.
More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, metal, slat wall, etc.
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