Household & commercial wooden display case with high quality

Household & commercial wooden display case with high quality

Wooden display showcase

Wooden display cabinet with glass shelves customized glass showcase

Wooden Display Showcase Display Stand in Retail Store for Sale

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We should always know that the number of wooden cabinets in the mall is the most. The display cabinets in shopping malls generally have a metal and glass exhibition style, a wooden cabinet body and a glass exhibition style, and a glass display. The most we see is the exhibition of wooden cabinets. Especially in mobile phone shops and cosmetics shops, the wooden cabinets are used most often.

Today I want to introduce to you the high cabinet glass display cabinet. High cabinet glass display cabinet has always been the main product of our company. Each glass exhibition style is customized by our customers. Because different customers have different needs. The effect presented is also different.

Wooden Display Showcase

The main materials of this glass showcase are wood and tempered glass. His surrounding border and bottom are made of wooden materials. Then the showcase is surrounded by high-definition glass. This can be convenient for customers to watch. There are four levels in the display level, and you can place products according to your needs. This door is a swing door with two locks on it. This can also ensure the safety factor.


  • Size: 620x620x1800mm
  • Material: wood and glass
  • Door: swing door

How many days can we receive the sunglasses display?

Design time: If you need a new style, we will redesign it for you according to your needs.

Production time: Generally 1-3 takes 12 to 15 working days. If you need to produce 4-8 pieces, it will take 16-18 working days. For more than 10, you need to discuss with the factory.

Shipping time: Shipping time depends on your national port. Generally speaking, we choose sea freight because the cost of sea freight is lower. However, compared with air freight, sea freight takes longer. If you are in the UK, it usually takes one month to arrive at the port.

How do I install it when I receive it?

It is not difficult for you. Before loading, we will put the whole design in our factory. When you receive the showcase, you only need to connect the wires together. In this way, cosmetic display can work successfully.

How do you ensure that I can get its integrity?

Packaging includes external packaging and internal packaging. For outer packaging, we will use wooden boxes made of medium density fiberboard. It is really strong and can protect the showcase. For the interior, we will use EPE foam to wrap the edges and corners of the display. Then we use this film to fix the foam. Finally, put the foam board in the wooden packing box. This will prevent impact.

Ant Display

Here, I would like to introduce our company in detail to you. We were established in 2008 and are a company specializing in the production of retail store display furniture and mall booths. We have our own factory and design team. So we can also make custom display cabinets. If you want to customize the display cabinet, you can directly tell us your needs. Then we can help you design what you need and let you see the effect.

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Materials wood and glass
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