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Household & commercial wooden display case with high quality

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In our home or business outside, we always use some cabinets or display cabinets. We all know that there are many types of display cabinets. Most of them are displayed using laminates. The product I am going to introduce today is suitable for commercial use and home use. It can be seen from the design drawing that its wooden display cabinet has a glass shelf in the middle and an AA column on the back. We can freely adjust the height of the glass shelf. This product has a glass door. If we are displaying our products, it can also protect our property.

Wooden display case details

  • Size: 1200x450x2000mm
  • Material: Plywood, tempered glass
  • Surface finish: Laminate
  • Hardware: Lock, key, AA column
  • Light: Led light

If this product is used at home, it can be used to display our figures or trophies and porcelain bowls. If it is commercial, we can use it to show all the things we want to show. This cabinet is a whole, so we can use it directly when we receive the goods. Because it has lights, this cabinet has a power cord. We need to connect the power cord to our local power supply, and its light can turn on.

We have our own factory, and all of our products are handmade and customized. When the customer places an order, we will arrange the production. The experience of our workers is very rich. We pay attention to every detail, we will provide the best quality and workmanship. Our cabinet is a whole, not disassembled. When packing, we will pack the whole. We will provide shelf support and a glass shelf. You can adjust the glass shelf according to the height you want.


Our packaging is very safe and strong. We will pack the cabinet first. We will wrap the edge of the cabinet with pearl cotton, and then wrap our cabinet with stretch film. Finally, it is packed in wooden boxes. Foam boards will be placed inside our wooden boxes. So our cabinet is very safe inside.

Ant Display

We are a customized company. On our website, you can see many different styles of cabinets. If there is a style you like, you can place an order directly. If there is nothing you want, you can contact us and tell us what you think. Our designer will design the cabinet you want according to your ideas and confirm the design. We will have an accurate price and we can start production after you place the order.

Is transportation free?

Our freight depends on your port and the volume of the cargo.

How long is the shipping time?

The transportation time varies from country to country. European countries take about a month, the United States takes about 35 days, and Australia takes about 25 days.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1200*550*1000mm
Materials Plywood, Formica Lamination
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