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Optical Display for Sunglasses Display Showcase with Unique Display Stand for Sale

sunglass display stand

Sunglasses display stand | custom attractive sunglasses cabinet

Wood Sunglasses Display Stand Wall Display Showcase with Unique Design

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In recent years, there have been more and more glasses business. Why is this? Because more and more people are nearsighted, and more and more people like to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can not only be used to protect the eyes, but also often used as a fashion accessory. You will find that the decoration of some high-end optical shops is very stylish and beautiful. Unique and distinctive optical shops can help attract customers.

Here Eyewear Displays: 

You can see its a wooden style sunglasses display stand. The sunglasses display showcase.The main color is light wood color,looks very nature. It's very thin. It should be 3-4cm thick. The size will be 1000x30x1800mm. And the main material is plywood, surface use the laminate and the aluminum groove plate. The top of the display stand we add the mirror, it can help you people to try the sunglasses.This type display stand is suitable for the optical shop.

Specific Details

  • Size: 1000x30x1800mm
  • Material: plywood
  • Surface: laminate
  • Color: wood color
  • Style: Fashion Style
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle

How to open the Optical Shop

Here want to share you some ideas:

  • you need to discuss with landlord to get the optical shop rent, after rent confirmed you need check inside structure and dimensions. This is first step you need to finish.
  • Then you need think your shop go what kind style, your shop go what kind color, how to layout. And what kind of the optical displays will you use. Next you need do is find a design team to help you to create the shop design as your needs, the design team will arrange furniture layout as your shop size. Through design you will see how the optical shop looks like and inside furniture style and layout, also landlord need see design plan for approval.
  • After design confirmed you need find an experienced factory to manufacture the inside furniture and fittings. After received your furniture then you can assemble them and start your business

Why Choose the Ant Display as a Supplier?

Ant Display is a company specializing in designing and producing commercial showcases. We have produced many kinds of sunglasses display cabinets like this one and shipped them to many countries. Some customers customized a complete set of sunglasses display showcases, and some customers bought these display showcases separately and put them in his shop. You can purchase according to your needs. Ant Display has more kinds of the sunglasses displays. You can order these according your hobbies. If you want to customize, we also can help you customize the displays. For example, materials, colors, and shapes can all be customized.

How Long The Project Will Take?

  • The Production time: the production time based on what quantity do you want? If you want to order 1-3, it will take about 15-18working days.  If you want to order above 3 sets, it will take 22-25 working days.
  • The Shipping time: the shipping time is up to your location, which country and port we will ship. For instance, if you located in Chicago, America, the time will take about 25 days to the port. If you want to quickly, we suggest that we can ship it by air. The air transportation will take about one week.
  • If you want to customize new one display stand, the design time will take 1-3 working days.

How to Stay Security?

Before we loaded the display stands, we will install the electric wire and the mirror, the led light.  We will pack the display showcase for a whole,You need not install it again. The interior package, we will use the foam to encase the the edge of the showcase. It can prevent knock. We also use the film to fix the foam. For the outside package, we will use the MDF wood box to pack it. It will be more strong.

If we help you ship the display showcase, we will help you buy the insurance from the shipping company. If there are any damages, we can help you ask for the compensation from the shipping company.

What other fees to pay?

Besides display and shipping fee, You need to pay the customs duties, and the port charge. When the display showcase arrived your port, you need to pay the custom duties and the port charges. If you can pick up it by yourself, you need not to pay the delivery fee.

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Materials plywood and laminate
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