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White Functional Cellphone Accessories Kiosk Simple Phones Stall

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The cellphone has become the necessary commodity in people’s life. People not only can contact others, but also can work and study. So there are so many cellphones accessories booths now for decorating or repairing the cellphones. The retails booth in mall also can support your cellphone industry business. Are you looking for one mall cellphone kiosk? Today, I will introduce functional one to you.


Look at the booth, its all color is white, which is simple style. If you want other colors or color combination, we can make the effects. From this view, we can see that there one tall display stand with several layers for display cellphones. And the colorful logo is luminous at the stand bottom. In white background, the sign can be highlighted to catch people’s attentions. The sign also can make the simple kiosk more colorful and not boring. Near the stand, there is one small showcase with slanted layers to display the accessories. At the corner, the stand is fans shape and you can show some small decorations or something. At the another side, it is one cellphone repairing table. You can offer repairing service. On the table, we also set one light box. A door is for you to divide the external and inside area.

cellphone kiosk

For the another two sides of the kiosk, the showcases have the same relevant display layers for the accessories. You can show the cellphones shells, USB cables, earphones etc.. At the showcase bottom, we set the yellow acrylic lighting parts. This is one decoration too. The corner showcase are diamond shape which can show the accessories. In the phone kiosk middle, it is one aluminum grooved plate and the bottom is storage cabinet. The logo also are on the plate two sides top. All showcase are with LED light strips.


The size of the phone accessories kiosk is 10*10ft. This is one normal size but if you want other dimensions, we will customize it for your request. Different sizes can have different layout.

cellphone accessories kiosk


The basic of the material is MDF. And its surface treatment is white baking paint. The workmanship can make the kiosk very glossy and beautiful. Its surface also looks high-end. What’s more, the tempered glass is 8mm. If you need it more thick, we can offer 10mm.

repairing kiosk

Glass type

Different tempered glasses also have different display effects. You can learn about them and choose the suitable type for the kiosk.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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