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White Display Table Simplify Bag Store Furniture Shoe Showcase Counter in Retail Shops

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Customize bag store display counter for sale

Unique size, special color and attractive shape

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Women's bags have become very popular among people. They trade on fashion and hope to buy more and more bags that match their clothes. Before open a bag and shoes shop, please choose a nice bag display counter like this design.

bag display counter

White display counter introduction


This bag display counter has different levels of the display shelf. It can showcase bags and shoes individually. We can also add a light lamp under the table to highlight the products.

bag display table

Front design

We can see the front side has a different height of display tables to place bags. At the corner are 2 sector counter composition, like stairs display to collection eyes’ attention. The curved corners prevent people from being bruised. The top table also a good place for more items.

Back design

Behind it is a display table same as the front area. This is in line with symmetrical beauty. When putting the bag display counter in the center, consumers can view it and purchase easily. Besides, it can also add lock cabinets here to increase storage.

bag display table


For a customized bag display counter, sizes can be customized according to special requirements. The most popular size is 120cm-160cm L*80cm W*80cm H.


This bag store is in white color. We can also choose other favorite colors from the color code.

bag shop counter


The main material is MDF, the surface material is baking paint. And other materials include light lamps, hardware, etc. We can also add an acrylic brand logo or stainless steel logo to leave a deep impression on clients.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, backing paint, etc.
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