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Display Table for retail shop interior decoration

Durable laminate surface

support for customize

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The 3 tier display offers retailers, schools and commercial environments the ability to showcase items in a manner that tells a story to the potential observer. Items can be merchandised on the 3 tier display according to color, style and category. Garments feature well on the 3 tier display when folded giving items a clean organized appearance. Items such as electronics, beauty products, fragrances, etc display well when merchandised in a waterfall manner, with larger items at the back and smaller items displayed at the front.

Detail information

The tiers are staggered for optimum viewing of products. The top tier is 18" wide x 52" long and is great for featuring a dressed counter top form or promotional signage (this is the tier that tells the story). The middle tier is 34" wide x 60" long, this is the browsing tier, where you encourage interaction by fully stocking colors, sizes and styles.

The bottom tier is 42" wide x 60" long and can be used to continue the merchandise story as well as displaying larger items, additional styles, colors and sizes.

Each tier is 3/4" thick allowing the display to easily merchandise weighted items. 3 their display  works well in the center of a floor space or near an isle location where items have a higher visibility from all angles.

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How to customize a order a display table?

First, tell us your requirements,such as the size,color and so on.

Second, charge 50% as deposit.

Third, confirm the design, we will give you the design to check its effect ,then will produce.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials laminate
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