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Useful Counter Top Jewelry Display Case Watch Showcase Boutique Glass Display Cabinet for Sale

Glass display jewelry shop countertop cabinet design

Good design, customized size, and high-quality materials

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Jewelry display showcase is good to showcase jewelry and watches. There are many jewelry showcase designs in the market. Countertop showcase is a popular style recently. Because it is portable to use and showcase items well.

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Customize Countertop Jewelry showcase

This jewelry display showcase cabinet is in squared shape. It has a black frame at 4 angles, used to support the glass frame. Clients can see and purchase jewelry from this location. The front area has a glass sliding drawer, when open, it is easy to pick up items. Therefore, this side facing to the employees.

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More information

Size: Standard size is 1200cm*45cm*25cm. Other sizes also agreed to get a different effect. Such as 50cm*50cm*50cm. If you need any sizes, please let us know

Color: The main color is black with warm and white lighting under the glass top. We can also make it in gold color, white color, wood color, etc.

Lighting: Each jewelry countertop has lighting for brilliant. It can be warm light, white light, and neutral light. LED light lamps and spotlights are popular choices.

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The occasion to use jewelry countertop showcase:

This countertop showcase works together with display counters. It makes the display area flexible because we can place it wherever we need it. For example, shop windows, middle counters, wall cabinets, cash registers, etc., can even be used for corner displays to get more attention.

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Besides, it can also attach to the wall to show high-value products. People can also view the jewelry in a good way.

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More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, lighting
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