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US Hot Selling Pop-up Coffee Shop, Cafe Booth In Mall with Bar Counters For Sale

3X4M Coffee Booth, Cafe Stand & Espresso Bar Counter with Unique Design for Sale

Customize the Kiosk is available

Provide the 3D design and construction drawings

Include all the drawers and cabinets, logo, wires, lamp belt and sockets, same lock with key

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We all know that coffee can promote the secretion of adrenal glands, enhance vitality, improve mental state, and maintain a good physical condition. It can also play a role in burning fat, thereby helping people who exercise lose weight. Regulate blood sugar levels, reduce the craving for sweets and snacks, and have an appropriate weight loss effect. Secondly, coffee can refresh, protect the brain, enhance emotions, it is suitable for work, drink it when working overtime.

Customized Coffee Kiosk with Unique Design

Before you sell the coffee, you need to consider many aspects. Firstly, you need to find a place on the shopping mall. Then we can design the coffee kiosk according your size and your requirements. We have professional design team, will show your needs on the design. We will provide the design and construction drawing to the mall for the approval. If there are any changes, we will help you modify it. Until get the approval from the mall

Product Details

  • Size 3x4m
  • Material,plywood
  • Surface, laminate
  • Color, wood color
  • Style , Modern design
  • Glass, 8mm clear tempered glass
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, Acrylic logo, light box, lock

How to order it?

Design: We charge 300USD design fee deposit. But when you confirm the order,will be returned to your deposit. And the design will take 3-5working days.

Production: When you confirm the design and construction drawings. And need to arrange 50% deposit for production. When confirming the payment, we will arrange the order to the factory and produce it. The production time is 22-25 working days.

Transportation: After finishing the goods, we will take the kiosks videos and pictures in time for you. If there are no doubts, you will arrange the 50% balance payment. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the shipment. The transportation time depends on your country.

Payment terms: We support TT Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Alibaba payment.

Security: for the package, we will use the foam and wooden box for packing the coffee kiosk. For the shipping, we also help you buy the insurance from shipping company. If the kiosk has damage, we will help you ask for the compensation from shipping company.



More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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