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Colorful Beauty Kiosk Custom New Cosmetic Display Booth Pop-up Makeup Fixture

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Retail Makeup Display Booth Cosmetic Kiosk Used In Mall 3D Promotion Makeup Bar

Upscale Makeup Retail Booth New Cosmetic Kiosk 3D Design Beauty Booth

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High-end cosmetics cabinets can help your brand gain customers in the shopping mall, enhance the brand value and intangible at the same time can also increase the unit price of products. If you are looking for a makeup kiosk for your brand, you can take a look at our latest indoor kiosk design for inspiration.

High-end cosmetics cabinets

The cosmetics counter used in the shopping mall is basically all open style, combined with the product display area and the seat setting for customers to try, to carry out a reasonable layout. All the surrounding areas of this kiosk are utilized. We place all the counter displays in the peripheral area, so that customers can notice it at a glance and thus arouse their interest in your products.

Upscale Makeup Retail Booth

In the front area of the Kiosk, there is a cashier and a working table for customers to try out the products, so that customers can pay the bill immediately after selecting the products they like.

Upscale Makeup Retail Booth

In addition to the eye-catching design of the counter, we also made the top part of the convex design. The bright yellow color is selected to match each LED bulb, and I believe that people in the distance will be attracted by your kiosk. The space behind the wall is also designed with a very large luminous logo, which gives customers a deep impression of the brand.

Upscale Makeup Retail Booth

But this is our custom according to customer needs, if you have more and better ideas, welcome to discuss with us online, ANT DISPLAY can also customize a new brand counter for you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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