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Independent mobile phone display cabinet | hot sale laptop display furniture

Independent mobile phone display cabinet | hot sale laptop display furniture

Curved shape glass showcase for display mobile phone

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The mobile phone cabinet I am going to introduce today is a curved glass display cabinet. It is displayed on an inclined surface. Our mobile phones can be placed on the inclined surface so that customers can see their appearance more clearly. Due to the large size of this cabinet, it is made up of two small cabinets. Stickers are pasted on the surface of the cabinet, which can display our logo or product slogan.

Glass showcase for display mobile phone

Diameter: 8.2ft

Perimeter: 13.2ft

Material: MDF, Tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Black and white (It can be customized)

Others: LED light strip, sticker, lock, keys

Production time: About 10 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China


The production of this curved showcase is more complicated. We all know that wood boards are very hard, and it is really difficult to bend it into an arc. The main substrate of our showcase is medium density fiberboard, and the surface treatment is baking paint. There are four main steps for making a complete showcase. One is to make a wooden body, the second is to polish the surface of the wooden cabinet, the third is to paint, and the fourth is to install accessories.

Wooden body

Before we start the production, we will have detailed drawings, and we will first prepare the required wood according to the dimensions in the drawings. When all the wood is ready, we tie it together and shape it into the design. As the light belt will be installed inside this showcase, we must reserve wires on the wooden showcase to connect the light belt.


We all know that the surface of the wood is not smooth. We need to make it's surface smooth by polishing with a certain roughness. Before we can paint, the polishing process is relatively long. Because we need to repeatedly polish, which takes about two or three working days.

Baking paint

After polishing, we need to apply a white primer. Then comes the painted baking paint. We can first adjust the color that the customer likes and then spray it on the showcase. Once the color is uniform, we need to bake it at a high temperature to set it. Then let it sit for a white, and the showcase is almost finished.


This is the last step. We need to install the glass and light strip. We fix the glass to the surface of the showcase. No glue is needed for the sticker. We just need to wet the back of the sticker and stick it on the showcase. Then install the drawer and lock. This showcase is finished. Since it is separate, when you receive the goods, you only need to put the two separate cabinets together, and then connect the sockets at the bottom of them and the power supply in the store, and its light can be turned on.

Packaging and transportation

Our packaging has two layers. The first floor is the packaging of the showcase itself. The other layer is the outer packaging. The showcase itself will be wrapped with pearl cotton on its corners to prevent damage from impact. Then the whole showcase will be wrapped with several layers of stretch film. The outer packaging is a wooden box, the wooden box is very strong, its inside is foam board, the showcase is very safe to put inside. We will also put a fragile label on the packaging.

The transportation time in different countries is different, generally 25-35 days. We can deliver the goods to your port or to the door. When the goods arrive at the port, they will notify you to pick up the goods. You need to clear customs and pick up the goods yourself. We will send you the required documents in advance. If it is to the door, we will help you clear the customs and deliver them to your designated address. But no matter which way it is, our freight is tax-free. The amount of tax depends on your customs and the total value of the goods. 

Ant display furniture

On our website, you can see a lot of furniture displays in mobile phone stores. We are a custom-made company. The size and shape of all furniture can be customized. If you don't find the furniture you want, you can contact us and tell us what you think. We can design it according to your requirements. We also support the design of the entire store's service. Our designers and workers have a wealth of work experience, I believe we will provide you with furniture.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF,baking paint. tempered glass
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