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Simple Style Barber Tools Display Stand Mall Kiosk with Professional 3d Design

Barber Indoor Kiosk

New Barber Indoor Kiosk Design Black Cool Hairdressing Station

Unique Barber Kiosk & Haircut Kiosk Mall Kiosk in the Mall Center for Sale

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Unique Barber Kiosk & Haircut Kiosk Mall Kiosk in the Mall Center for Sale


Haircuts are indispensable in our life. Haircuts are a very common thing for both men and women. You can see that there are many and many barber shops appearing on the market. If you have good skills in the aspect of the haircut, you can open a barber kiosk first. Because it will cost less than opening a barber shop. It can help you save more costs.

Next, I will introduce a barber kiosk to you as a reference.

barber kiosk

You can see that the style of the barber kiosk is classical and retro style. The whole barber kiosk includes the sitting area, barber area, and display area. Next, I will introduce the barber kiosk from one side, which is the front side. You can see that there is an entrance for customers, and there is a barber pole nearby the entrance.

barber kiosk

The left of the entrance has a glass showcase in which we can display the t-shirts and hats. And to the right of the entrance has a sitting area, and customers can sit there and wait.

haircut kiosk

The corner of the barber kiosk has a glass showcase that can put your products in the showcase.

Back wall: the back wall has three mirrors. And it has a long working table on which you can put the barber tools. And the middle of the back wall has a huge logo. And you can put your logo

barber kiosk

Right of the barber kiosk, has a door, and a glass wall. You can write your logo on the glass wall.

The left side is the same structure as the right side.

Wall Paper: You can see that the wallpaper occupies a large part of the entire barber kiosk. The tiles shape wallpaper is very popular for the barber kiosk.

feedback of the haircut kiosk

Cashier desk: we put the cashier desk nearby the entrance. When the customer goes out, they can pay the bill. It is convenient for people.

feedback of the barber booth


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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