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New Barber Indoor Kiosk Design Black Cool Hairdressing Station

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A haircut is an inevitable demand, especially for men, who need a haircut almost every month. The price of a haircut in a large barbershop is relatively high, and most customers prefer a barber station with a faster and more affordable price to cut their hair. However, a barber station with unique use can help you more.

Barber Indoor KioskA lot of hair will fall out during the process of sending arrows. In order to keep the kiosk clean and tidy, we chose all black for this kiosk, and the overall design looks very fashionable. In particular, the addition of a white logo and promotional poster can highlight the key points and draw customers' attention to your kiosk.

Barber Indoor KioskMirror is indispensable for barber kiosk. Considering the better use of the whole mirror, we have designed the height of the back wall to facilitate the placement of the whole LED mirror, and the adjacent space is designed with multiple layers of board shelves, which can allow you to put some products commonly used in hairdressing. In addition, a small counter is specially designed so that you can put scissors, hair dryer and other tools, which can be perfectly stored and keep the interior clean.

Barber Indoor Kiosk

The entrance to the Barber station is a long sofa area, and a small coffee bar has been set up for waiting. In addition to the interior details, it is worth mentioning the design of the entire exterior of the kiosk. We use a large area to display your posters and the promotion of hairdressing skills, light box stickers, etc., to arouse the curiosity of customers to try your station.

Barber Indoor Kiosk

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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