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Tower display cabinets are also a very common display in our daily lives. It is suitable for displaying everything. Since it is entirely glass, it is completely transparent. Our customers can see everything we show very clearly, but they can't touch them easily. This largely protects our property safety. This kind of tower display cabinet is generally made of glass laminates from top to bottom. Unlike other display cabinets, there are storage cabinets below. Most tower display cabinets have no storage cabinet.

The tower display cabinet I am going to introduce today has a total of 5 glass laminates, and its length and width are relatively small. The height of the tower display cabinet is generally about 1.8-2.5m. It is suitable for home use and commercial use. At home, we can use it to display our trophies or other collectibles. For commercial use, it can display mobile phones, jewelry, or other electronic products.

Tower glass display case details


Basic material: Tempered glass, iron frame

Light: LED light spot

Others: Lock, key

Product Description

There is enough lighting on the inside of this product. We can see that there are three spotlights on the top and a row of lights on both sides, which can provide enough lighting for our cabinet. The main materials of this cabinet are iron and tempered glass. The surface treatment of our iron frame is black paint. Baking paint is a very common surface treatment. Many of our commercial display furniture use baking paint and its color rendering is very good. Our glass doors are locked, and the lock is very strong and secure.


This kind of display cabinet can actually be placed anywhere, but we should also pay attention to children's slapstick. Although this kind of display has a certain weight, it can't help someone push it. Most people will choose to put it close to the wall, because this kind of tower display cabinet has a certain height, if we put it in the middle of the shop, it may block our view.


I know that many people are more worried about packaging. Because glass is fragile. In addition, the transportation time is relatively long, so it is inevitable that there is a risk of breakage. Our packaging is very strict and discreet. I, we will pack our case first. We will wrap pearl cotton around the edges of the case, and then stretch the film around several layers. Our outer packaging is a strong wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box will be padded with foam boards. After the packaging is complete, we will put a fragile label on the wooden box. So our packaging is very safe. 

Do I need to install it?

Our case has lights and wires, so when we receive the goods, we only need to connect the wires to our local power supply. We will install the transformer on the case. 

What is the timeline?

After you place the order, our production time is about 10 working days. The shipping time depends on your country. Generally, it takes 30 days for European countries, 35 days for the United States, and 25 days for Australia.

Do you offer free shipping?

Our transportation depends on your port and the volume of the goods. If you want to know the shipping fee, you can send me your nearest port.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Tempered glass, Iron
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