Tower retail display case | durable tempered glass stand

Tower retail display case | durable tempered glass stand

frameless glass showcase

20"X20"X72" Square Frameless Showcase | Glass Tower Display Case

Attractive Tower Display Case & 8mm tempered glass for display stand

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The tower glass cabinet is a very common glass display cabinet in our lives. Glass high cabinet display cabinets generally appear in jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, watch shops, and other stores. In these shops, their lighting effects are very sufficient. Only sufficient lighting effects can show the advantages of the product better. Therefore, there will be many lights in the glass display cabinet to display the products.

In addition, there are many advantages of tall cabinets. Many people use glass tall cabinets to make their shops brighter and more abundant. Each layer of the tall cabinet needs sufficient lighting, which will make the entire glass tall cabinet more attractive.

Glass Display Showcase

The material of the tower display case is Glass, plywood. For the top and the bottom of the display stand, we use plywood. For the surface of the display case, we use laminate. In the middle part, we use the glass showcase. There are 4 layers to display the product. Each layer is made into glass. The top of the display stand installs the light. The final result will attract more customers to buy your product.

The product will attract more kiosk and

Size: 47x47x185cm

Door: Tempered glass showcase with locking hinged glass door

Material: plywood and glass


When you place an order, we will start production. If you want to change the color of the glass showcase, you can tell us. We can make glass showcases according to your needs. If you want your own logo on the glass showcase, you can also send us the logo file. We will make products according to your needs. we have our own factory. There are three steps in the production of this cabinet.

The first is to open the material, according to the size on the construction drawing to open the material. We have finished the wooden frame here and will reserve the place for the wires. After the wooden cabinet is finished, we will paste the board. The color of the board can be selected according to your needs. We will install light bars on the top of the display showcase so that the display cabinet will be more clear. And our products will be clearer. Regarding the voltage problem, we will help you solve it. We all know that different countries have different voltages.

We will install a transformer at the bottom of the display cabinet so that it can be used normally even if it is shipped to your country.

Ant Display

We are a customized company. If you have your own shop, we can provide all the furniture and decorations. If you only need glass display cabinets, we will provide you with good glass display cabinets. If you want a new style, we can customize it for you. We have our own designers, and we can help you design and product showcases.


The time based on what quantity do you need? If you need 1-3. it will take 12-15working days. If you need 4-8 sets. It will take about 16-18 working days. If you order the above 10 sets, it will cost about 22-25 working days. You can tell me what quantity you want.

How much is the freight? Do I still have to pay at the port of destination?

Our freight depends on your country and the number of goods. We usually ship it to a port near you, and you can pick it up at the port. When the goods arrive at the port, someone at the port of destination will notify you in advance to pick up the goods at the port, and then we will send you the customs clearance documents. You need to pay at the port of destination, and the port will send you a detailed list of costs. The specific cost depends on your country's system. We are only responsible for transporting the goods to the port, not for any costs in the destination port.


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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood and glass
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