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Phone Repaired Kiosk with Industrial Style & Phone Accessories Display Stand in Retail Store

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Nowadays, there are all kinds of the phone are appearing in the supermarket. We all know that the unique display counter will make the whole booth more bright and more eye-catching. When people enter the mall, they will see the phone kiosk for the first time.

For the unique display counter, it will attract more people than the normal display counter. So if you want to make more profit, we suggest that we can do the unique kiosk for you.

Material: We will use the MDF as the main material, the surface we use the baking paint.

Here is a phone kiosk that I will introduce to you:

The phone kiosk has 3 functions that can sell the phone, phone accessories, and repair the phone. A phone kiosk consists of the display showcase, repaired table, cashier table, and the corner display stand.

Display showcase, you can see there is two type display showcase to display the product.

  • Type 1:  there is 3 shelving slope display stand, the display area is the slope, and it is easy to display the phone and phone accessories. At the top of the display counter, we add the light strip to make the whole display counter more unique and professional.
  • Type 2:  There are 2 glass showcases to display the kiosk. These will be put these at the both of end of the cashier. The top of the display stand has glass drawers to display the phone. The bottom of the kiosk is the aluminum groove plate, and you can put the hooks to display the goods.

Corner Showcase, in the phone kiosk, there will be some corner showcase to make the kiosk have more space to display. The door is a sliding door, and it is easy to share.

Cashier Table: each kiosk will have a cashier to receive the money. In front of the cashier, we install the lightbox and the logo.  You can put the poster that you interested in.

Repaired table: the repaired table has two places to repair the phone. Besides the repairing area, there has a place for the disabled service place.

Light Strip: The whole light strip is very important to build the phone kiosk. Because we need to install the light strip in the glass. For the outside, there are yellow acrylic bars and install the led light. The kiosk will have a yellow light.

Production Photos

How to customize a new one?

We are a direct factory and can provide customer service. You can tell me all of your needs, then our designer will display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you will see the whole effect, and how it will look like.

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Materials MDF
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