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Hot Selling Sunglasses Kiosk for Glass Display Showcase & Eyewear Kiosk for Display Stand

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Sunglasses Kiosk & Unique Display Counter for Glass Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

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Sunglasses play an important role in our lives. First of all, it can protect your eyes from being hurt in the hot sun in summer and the sunny weather after snow in winter; second, sunglasses can be used as decorations, which are very suitable for taking pictures when traveling. The third is: in windy weather, it can also prevent dust particles from entering human eyes. Many people will choose to sell sunglasses because the cost of sunglasses is not very high, but the profits obtained are relatively large.

Hot Selling Sunglasses Kiosk with Professional Design for Sale

The sunglasses kiosk we use the plywood as a main material, use the laminate as a surface treating. The inside of the sunglasses we put the cashier desk, you also can take it as a repair desk. In order to protect the glass, we will install some wood frame to prevent damages. The bottom of the kiosk we install the drawer, it can store the sunglasses. The whole color assortment is that dark and light coffee colors go together. It will make the sunglasses kiosk more attractive and luxury.

If you decide to sell the sunglasses, what things will you need?

Firstly, you need to find a place in retail store. After you got the location in retail store, you need to find a manufacturer to help you build the sunglasses kiosk for you.

Second, before produce it, we need to do a new design according your requirements. The design will show all of your requirements. Then you will know is it whether you want. If you want to modify the design, we will modify it according your requirements.

After you satisfy the design, the we will do the construction drawings. Then you can take the construction drawings and the 3d design to the mall to get the approval.

After you get the approval from the mall, the we will start to produce it.

Before produce, you need to arrange 50% deposit. After finish, please arrange the balance payment.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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