sunglasses kiosk

Customized Sunglasses Display Counter & Glasses Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

sunglasses kiosk

Sunglasses Kiosk & Unique Display Counter for Glass Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

Hot Selling Sunglasses Kiosk for Glass Display Showcase & Eyewear Kiosk for Display Stand

Support for Custom Mall Kiosk

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What I want to introduce to you today is sunglasses kiosk. Selling glasses is a very common industry, and it is also a more profitable industry. Because now the glasses kiosk and shop not only sell myopia glasses, but also other types of glasses. There are many glasses that can play a decorative role. Some people will choose their own flat glasses to modify their face. When traveling, they will choose sunglasses to block the sun. And wearing sunglasses is also a special tool for taking pictures. 

Customized Sunglasses Kiosk in Retail Store for Sale

The sunglasses kiosk we use the plywood as a main material, use the laminate and the metal baking paint as a surface treating. We display the sunglasses as a stair-step display model, its convenient for customer to choose. Because there are separate display cases, we need to install the floor plate with wire line which can make the display cases light . The whole style of the kiosk is really luxury and can catch the customers attention.

What should you do, if you decide to sell the sunglasses?

You need to find a good place in retail store, because the good place will help you attract more people, then can help you increase the popularity.

You can contact me after you got the place in retail store. We will help you customize the sunglasses kiosk according your needs. If you have any requirements about the kiosk, you can tell us. We have professional design team, can help you design new one based on your requirements. After you satisfy it and get the approval from the mall, then we can start to produce it.

The process of ordering the sunglasses kiosk

Design, design one kiosk will cost 300USD, but when you confirm the order, the design fee will be refunded to your total cost.

Production, we will produce it exactly according your design. You need arrange the 50% production deposit firstly. After we finish the sunglasses kiosk, please arrange the balance payment.

Shipping, provide which port is near to you, we will help you arrange the shipping for you.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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