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Hello, everyone. Welcome to our website. We all know that sunglasses are very common in our lives. For those who drive, sunglasses are a must. Under strong sunlight, wearing sunglasses can protect our eyes well and provide clear and good vision. Another function of sunglasses is decoration. We can see that many models wear sunglasses when taking pictures because they look so cool. Many people who buy sunglasses do not buy them specifically, but are attracted to them when shopping and then buy them.

Today I am going to introduce you not to sunglasses, but to the cabinet where the sunglasses are displayed. We know that sunglasses are relatively small and light. There are many kinds of display cabinets. The sunglasses cabinet shown in the picture above is displayed with a hook. We can hang our sunglasses on hooks, and if customers like our products, they can try them on. We can put a mirror on the cabinet, then people can see what they look like when they wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses display cabinet details

Size: 1500x400x1500mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Banking paint

Hook: White acrylic

Letter: Acrylic letter

Others: Lightbox

Kick foot: Stainless steel

The size of this sunglasses display cabinet is not big, we can put it in the store or in the mall. This cabinet has two sides of display space, and the bottom is some drawers, which we can use to store our stuff. Two sides of it are lightbox display, we can put our propaganda poster here, it looks more beautiful.


When you place an order, we will start production. If you want to change the color, you can tell us. We can adjust the color according to your needs. You also need to send acrylic characters and posters to us. We will print it out and install it on the cabinet. we have our own factory. There are four steps in the production of this cabinet. The first is to make wooden cabinets, polish, paint, and install accessories. We will install light strips on the top of the inner side of the display area so that our products will be more clear. Our production time is about 13 working days. Different countries have different voltages. We will install a transformer at the bottom of the cabinet so that it can be used normally even if it is shipped to your country.

Ant Display

We are a customized company. If you have your own glasses shop, we can provide all the furniture and decorations in the shop. We have our own designers, and we can help you design and produce furniture. You can send us the floor plan of your store, and we will design according to your store floor plan. So you can know the effect of our shop in advance. We can also know what our furniture looks like, which can help us confirm more details. Our design fee is about 500-1000$ for a shop. When we place an order, it can be deducted from your balance payment. If you have your ideas, you can tell us.

How much is shipping?

Our freight depends on your country and the volume of the goods. We usually deliver it to the port, and you can pick it up at the port. The person at the port of destination will notify you in advance to pick up the goods at the port, and we will send you customs clearance documents.

Do I still need to pay at the port?

Yes. The port will send you a list of specific charges. The specific cost depends on your port. Our freight is the cost of our port and the transportation cost from our co-product to your port and does not include the port of destination cost.

Can I use it directly when I receive the cabinet?

Because this cabinet has wires, after you receive the goods, you need to connect the cabinet wires to your store or shopping mall. Its lights will come on. 

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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