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When we go out shopping, the purses is an essential possession. Especially for women, we generally use it to store our mobile phones, tissues, cosmetics or wallets. Although now few people take their wallets out. We all know that there are many famous brands in purses, and they are very popular all over the world. We can also see many purses shops on the street. They have many colors, styles, and they all look luxurious. Purses are very popular with women, I believe that every woman has at least two purses, there can be more than a dozen.So, when we have many purses, how do we store or display them? Check our website, you can get some ideas and the purse display you need.I will introduce some types of purse display, you can choose one you like, then send it to us,we can discuss more details.

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We have a large variety of modern design purser displays in fashion style. Whether you are looking for a metal display stands or stainless steel display racks, or wooden wall display shelves, our large scale of modern will give you enough inspirations. Our purse display solution are both perfect for large retail shop and small banquet store. Check our page and find your favorite display fixtures. handbag purse display racks

Cabinet Display

This kind of display cabinets is generally a large display cabinet against the wall and then divided into many grids, each of which can store our purse. Its capacity is relatively large, and the distribution is relatively clear. It looks very beautiful and convenient for us to find the purse we want. This display cabinet can be made of MDF and baking paint, the cabinet made of this material is very smooth and shiny, and it is more beautiful. It can also be made of plywood and laminate, this material can choose the color of wood grain, if you like the appearance of wood, you can choose this material.

Purse Racks Display

Most of these racks is a combination of wood and metal, the base is wooden, and the rods on both sides are metal. It can be black, gold or silver-gray. If we choose the gold plating, its effect will look very advanced. The size of the shelf determines the number of purses we store, but the recommended length of the racks is 1.2-1.8m, and a row can hold 2-3 purses. This is relative to a medium size bag. The height of these racks is about 1.8-2.2m. If you need a light and luxurious display, you can choose this.

Shelf Handbag Display

This display is a high cabinet with several movable shelves. Generally, a shelf can display one to two purses. If an AA column is installed, we can change the height of the shelf. Generally, such cabinets are customized in batches, and the height of the shelves between different cabinets can be different, so it looks patchy and creative.

Hanging Handbag Display

This display is only a metal stick, with a hook on the top to hang the purse. There are many types of such displays. Some have a hook and can only hang a purse. Some have a lot of hanging hooks that can hang more than 4 purses. Its floor space is the smallest. If your room does not have a lot of space, we can choose this.

Acrylic Purse Display

This display is very small, it is more suitable for placing on the table, and can only display small purses. Acrylic is transparent, it can have a groove, each groove can hold a purse. Most of them are in the shape of a ladder. If there are more small purses around you, you can choose this style.

No matter what kind of display, it can be customized. Ant Display is focused on making customized services. No matter what style, size, shape, material, and color, we can do it according to your requirements. The above kinds of purses display are very common and very popular. You can choose the display that suits you according to your store or your own situation. If you want to set up some displays for your shop, but you don’t know choose which one, you can send us your products or the situation of your shop. We can recommend it to you. If you already have your favorite style but want to change the color or shape, you can tell us, we will make a design according to your requirements, and we will start production after confirming the design with you.

How to buy Purse displays from Ant Display?

As long as you have an idea, you can tell us. We can all satisfy you, so I believe you can get what you want here. If you want to do design, we can provide the purse display complete 3d design and technical drawings, you can clearly see its size, color, and material. It can help us confirm all the details. After the design is completed, we will also get an accurate price. Our price depends on the size, shape, and material of the product. Only after we finish the design, we can get an accurate price. We can design the purse display separately, or we can design an entire store, and the design fee depends on the project to be designed, which is generally 200-500 US dollars. After we place an order, the design fee will be returned to you. So it is free.