Stainless Steel Rack

Are you still worried about using what rack to display and store your products? Still looking for waterproof storage racks for your kitchen? Stainless steel racks would be a good choice. Our stainless steel racks generally use high-quality 304 food grade and industrial grade stainless steel, and the surface is professionally polished and polished, so it is very smooth and bright. The stainless steel rack is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof, which is very suitable for kitchen and industrial use. And they are easy to clean and maintain, can be used for many years. Therefore, stainless steel racks are widely used in various industries and fields, such as kitchens, commercial stores, industrial and freight warehouses.


Ant display limited is a direct factory established in 2008, we already specialize in making customized furniture for more than 12 years. We have a 5000 sq meters workshop, include a separate stainless steel cutting and polish workshop. We can supply different kinds of stainless steel racks, like wire shelving stainless steel rack, flat shelving stainless steel rack, wall-mounted stainless steel rack, and movable stainless steel rack. So they can suit your different needs. No matter you want to use the rack to store your stock, put your kitchenware or display your products, you all can find the suitable style on our web. We attach great importance to quality, aim to supply each client with high-quality products. If you have any needs just feel free to contact us.

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  1. Curtain Sample Rod Showroom Floor Fabric Scarf Stand Pillow Display Rack
    As low as $60.00
  2. Stainless Steel Display Rack / Display Stand / Display Shelf with Modern Design for Sale
    As low as $1,185.00
  3. Hot Selling Stainless Steel Display Stand / Display Shelving with Modern Style for Sale
    As low as $950.00
  4. Hexagon wall display shelving stainless steel hollow-out display
    As low as $20.00
  5. Golden Wine Display Rack & Stainless Steel Rack & Metal Display Shelving in Store
    As low as $500.00
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Benefits of stainless steel racks

Unlike some other materials, stainless steel racks have some special practical benefits. Stainless steel racks are very suitable for kitchen use. Considering their durability, stainless steel racks are more cost-effective than other racks.

Storage Option

Stainless steel racks can help you make full use of your space. They can help to sort and store your products or tools in a perfect way. You can put labels on the racks, this way you can find the cargo or products quickly. Our stainless steel rack has many shelves, some come with hooks, you can store a lot of goods.

Moisture-resistant and water-proof

Stainless steel is water-proof, so even in a very humid environment, it can also use a very long time. So they are very suitable for outdoor and kitchen use.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel surface is very smooth and hard, so very easy to clean. Rather than wooden racks and other racks, it is easier to use.

Resistant to heat

The stainless steel rack is very strong and heat resistant, so you can use the stainless steel racks and tables to put machines and kitchenware.

Strong and durable

The stainless steel rack is very strong and hard, its load-bearing capacity is very good. So the rack can use very long time.

Our stainless steel racks mainly have three types:

  1. Free-standing stainless steel racks

stainless steel rack

Free-standing stainless steel racks are the most widely used racks. They can put it in the middle of shop and warehouse, also can against the wall. They can use to store light and duty cargo also can use in the kitchen to put kitchenware. It mainly has below 3 types.

  • Wire shelving rack

metal storage rack

Wire shelving rack used thin wires for shelves, they are very suitable for food display and some light products. We supply free-standing wire shelving rack and wall-mounted wire shelving stainless steel rack.

  • flat shelving rack

A flat shelving rack is the most practical stainless steel rack. It can be used to display different kinds of cargo and products. We supply heavy-duty flat shelving stainless steel rack and light stainless steel rack. We can supply fixed shelves and adjustable shelves.

  • mesh shelving rack

Mesh shelving rack mainly used to put some small goods and kitchenware.

  1. Wall-mounted stainless steel racks

Wall-mounted stainless steel racks are becoming more and more popular. They can make full use of your space and help save your shop or kitchen space.

  1. Movable stainless steel racks

We also supply movable stainless steel racks. They can be used in the kitchen and warehouse. Their size is usually not big and has wheels, so very easy to move and change places.


Why choose Ant display limited?

  1. Direct quality check team help you take care of quality

We have a professional quality check team, they will take care of each step during production, so the quality has a guarantee.

  1. Professional stainless steel processing workshop

We have separate stainless steel processing workshops, our workers already specialize in making customized furniture for more than 12 years, they can supply you with exquisite workmanship.

  1. Direct factory can supply you a most favorable price

We are a direct factory, we can get high-quality materials at a favorable price. So can give you very favorable factory price.

  1. One-top service help you save time and cost

We supply one-stop service, from design to production to shipping, we all can help you. Our sales will help you take care of each step, you do no need to worry about these things.